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Jordan Spieth career earnings: Breaking down how much money former Masters winner has made, net worth

Jordan Spieth exploded onto the scene at a young age, winning the Masters at just 21 years old and adding wins in the U.S. Open and PGA Championship soon after.

Spieth has gone the last five years without winning another major championship, but his early-career success was enough to entrench him as one of golf’s most recognizable figures.



With 13 PGA Tour wins under his belt, Spieth has earned himself plenty of money since the start of his career. The popularity that came with being one of the youngest Masters winners ever also brought along numerous endorsement deals.

Jordan Spieth career earnings
Spieth has earned $72.6 million in his career, according to Spotrac.



More than $55 million comes from winning official tournaments, while another $12.5 million came through the Player Impact Program. The Player Impact Program is set up to reward players who, in the PGA Tour’s words, “generate the most positive interest in the PGA Tour.”

Spieth earned more money in 2022 than he did when he won two majors in 2015 as a result of the Player Impact Program. The program awarded him $9 million on top of nearly $6 million won through his success on the tour.



Spieth earned $13 million in 2015, when he turned 22, and he started earning millions when he was still a teenager in 2013.

Jordan Spieth net worth
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Spieth has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

On top of his PGA Tour winnings, Spieth’s popularity has earned him numerous endorsement deals over the years. Among other deals, Spieth has a contract with Under Armour reportedly worth more than $10 million per year through 2029.



Spieth incredible success at such a young age, which included two major championships before his 22nd birthday, put him on the map as one of the faces of golf. He will try to climb back to the top in 2023 and earn his win fourth career major.

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