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Paige Spiranac admits ‘golf mommy is at it again’ with bikini, hot dog and beer POV video

Golf sensation Paige Spiranac is once again letting her millions of followers know they can drink beer and chow down on a hot dog with her if they enter her competition

Paige Spiranac – better known to her millions of fans as ‘golf mommy’ – is once again giving them the opportunity to meet her in the flesh.

Formerly the ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ back in 2022, Spiranac has seen her stardom increase exponentially over the course of the last year, with the golf influencer having amassed nearly four million followers on Instagram.



Recently, the 30-year-old re-uploaded a video of herself she posted back on July 4 of her eating a hot dog and drinking a can of beer while wearing a stars and stripes bikini, much to the delight of her fans.

She captioned the post: “Want to meet me, play some golf and win free beer for life? Link in bio. you can make this POV become reality.” The link in Spiranac’s Instagram bio sends individuals to website called On that page, fans can fill out a form where they will be given the chance to win beer for an entire year, or even beer for life.



Additionally, entry into the competition could also land them the chance to meet Spiranac herself, with the garage beer event being held named the ‘Paige Spiranac Puttapalooza’.

And after seeing her re-uploaded video on her Instagram, it’s safe to say her social media fans are more than keen to get entered into the competition. One fan commented on the video: “Would rather meet you than drink beer.”



A second added: “That’s a dream come true for everyone on this earth.” A third wrote: “That would be great! But my wife will be home soon and she thinks I haven’t eaten yet.”

A fourth joked: “Wait are we both wearing bikinis because I don’t think I can pull the outfit out.” And a fifth commented: “Mommy af.”



Having not replied to many of the comments on her post, it was that fifth one Spiranac decided to reply to, responding to the fan: “Golf mommy is at it again.”

And it’s not the first time Spiranac has been called “golf mommy” either. Recently, fans dubbed her “golf mommy” after seeing her all pink outfit out on the course as Spiranac celebrated the release of the Barbie movie.

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