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Riley Keough has revealed the name of her baby. In a new interview, Keough discussed some of the most pressing topics that have surrounded her family over the past months, including the birth of her daughter with husband Ben Smith-Petersen and her relationship with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley.



In an interview with Vanity Fair, Keough revealed the name of her daughter and its origins, which are a tribute to her grandfather Elvis Presley and her late brother, Benjamin Keough. “This is Tupelo,” said Keough when introducing her baby, named Tupelo Storm Smith-Petersen. Keough revealed that the first name references the city where Presley was born. “I was like, ‘This is great because it’s not really a well-known word or name in relation to my family — it’s not like Memphis or something,’” shared Keough.



Keough’s daughter also shares the same middle name as her late brother, Benjamin, who passed away three years ago when he was 27 years old.
Keough and Petersen welcomed their baby via surrogacy last August. While Keough shared that she could “carry children,” the couple made the decision to have their child via surrogate due to her Lyme condition, which affects her autoimmune system.

Keough’s mother, Lisa Maria Presley, died earlier this year. The loss caused a ripple between Keough and her grandmother, Priscilla, with the two having a dispute over the estate. “We are a family, but there’s also a huge business side of our family. So I think that there was clarity that needed to be had,” explained Keough. “Things with Grandma will be happy,”she said. “They’ve never not been happy.”



Keough is now the sole owner of Graceland, Presley’s historic estate located in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla Presley is a special adviser to the estate and receives a monthly payment for her role. She’ll also be buried on the lands next to Elvis, her daughter, and her grandson.

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