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A Year After $40 Million Debt Confession, Phil Mickelson’s Nemesis Makes Another ‘Holy Shit’ Revelation

When renowned golfer Phil Mickelson defected to LIV Golf, speculations ran wild that his decision was influenced by the huge sum offered as a signing bonus. Since then, the 3-time Masters winner has been constantly under scrutiny about buying properties (yes, plural!) amid incurring million-dollar lawsuits. A year ago, a sportswriter and nemesis of the 53-year-old golfer also reported in his book the gambling habits of Lefty that stunned his fans. The proof of his $40 million gambling debts was especially illuminating. Now, the former senior writer at Sports Illustrated has a few opinions in light of a new book that talks about the beloved captain of HyFlyers GC.



Phil Mickelson’s former biographer is preparing his honest opinions about the golfer
Last year, Alan Shipnuck’s book, ‘Phil: The rip-roaring and Unauthorized Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar’ caused an uproar when fans learned about the 6-time major winner’s gambling problems. Now that Billy Walters, a former friend of Mickelson, has written a book that also partly documents the notorious gambling issues of the golfer, a thrilled Shipnuck has a lot to say. Reportedly, the new autobiography by Walters named, ‘Gambler: Secrets From A Life At Risk’ shares many intricate details that would further illuminate Mickelson’s gambling habits. It could also provide proof as to the $40 million gambling debt and the payoff that followed such massive arrears.



The biographer isn’t at liberty to share the details of the book as of now but in his tweet, he wrote, “I have read Billy Walters’s autobiography GAMBLER. Can’t say anything specific (yet!) since I had to sign an NDA but he’s quite a character and it’s a wild read. Walters devotes 2 chapters to his ex-friend Mickelson. He has all the receipts on Phil’s sports betting and HOLY SHIT!”

Shipnuck’s book included the accusations made by the Security and Exchange Commission toward the LIV Golfer years ago. The details of that accusation concern both Walters and Mickelson.

The unsavory accusation in Shipnuck’s book
Supposedly, back when Lefty had $40 million in debt to pay to Walters, the American sports gambler shared some stock market information with the 2-time PGA Championship winner. Mickelson was able to earn a 7-figure income from the tips and subsequently paid back the entrepreneur. The accusation was substantiated by documents acquired from the SEC. Now, the book by Walters might fill in some gaps. Regardless of whether or not any securities fraud was committed, the proof of the beloved golfer’s gambling is tantalizing enough for the golfing community to want to read the book.

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