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Golf Fans Left Divided After a Bizarre Justin Thomas Revelation Comes to Light

The Wyndham Championship shattered the dreams of many golfers who were hoping to make it to the upcoming Ryder Cup through the FedEx Cup playoffs. But sadly only 70 players in the Top 70 will proceed to this week’s playoff. And one of the biggest disappointments of this result fell in the lap of Justin Thomas, for whom this is a huge setback. After his recent slump, Wyndham Championship was a very big opportunity for him, which slipped away from his hands. As Thomas sits out of the playoff for the first time, something he massively regrets, he has found the support of another Tour pro who questions the credentials of this decision.



1X PGA Tour pro questions Justin Thomas’ absence in the Ryder Cup despite massive earnings
Justin Thomas had big aspirations last weekend. The Wyndham Championship was his last chance to qualify for the FedEx Cup play-off which, despite giving an amazing performance, he missed by one stroke. In the final round, he finished with a tie for 12th on eleven-under. This was a big improvement for Thomas who was suffering in the last few months on the green. This is the first time that Thomas will miss the playoffs since 2014. Speaking about his disappointment he had said, “I know this game doesn’t owe you anything, but I feel like I fought hard enough to deserve it.” And Thomas has found great support from another PGA Tour Pro, Ian Donald Leggatt, who has voiced his support for Thomas on Twitter.



The Canadian golfer has expressed his discontentment over Justin’s absence from the event highlighting his Tour earnings.

The PGA Tour pro has empathized with Thomas who despite making $3.22M this year, missed the Cup because he is on the 71st spot and expressed his irritation that Ben Griffin who only made $1.85M, proceeded for the Cup because he is on the 70th spot.

Leggatt also criticized the reduction of players from 125 to 70 which has been implied this year. But the fans are sharing a variety of opinions on this matter.
Golf community respond after Ian Leggatt’s remarks
Fans quickly responded to Ian’s tweet with their own justification for how the players should be measured for the Ryder Cup. Some favoured Leggatt while others opposed his theory.
This fan questioned Leggatt’s monetary basis of comparison.

This fan offered a wise solution to the problem.

This guy took the chance to make a joke.

This man sided with Ben Griffith.

While this fan was unhappy with the reduction of field.

This fan did not agree with Leggatt’s proposal.

And this golf fan said that the existing system is better as each tournament has different purses.

After last week’s performance, Thomas has come down to the 71st spot on the FedEx ranking and missed the chance to play. Too close yet too far. And Thomas’ loss was a win for Ben Griffin who will be playing at this week’s St. Jude Championship. Though Justin Thomas has earned the support of Leggatt, he has to wait some more to fulfill his dream of playing at the Ryder Cup.

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