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Ryan Reynolds addresses Blake Lively’s ‘rage’ with brave comment

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ quick-witted banter on social media is just one of many reasons why they are a favorite among Hollywood’s hottest couples.

Ryan shared another prime example of their endearing relationship on Tuesday when he hilariously addressed Blake’s “rage” following the release of a new commercial for her Betty Buzz line of non-alcoholic mixers.

In the video, which you can watch below, Blake’s happy demeanor is nowhere to be seen and she looks almost menacing as she addresses a mix-up with her beverages to promote the line now being available to buy on Amazon.



Ryan was quick to react to the hilarious clip and reshared it on his Instagram Stories alongside a tongue-in-cheek remark. “This is the kind of rage I have to deal with every day,” he joked.

Many of Blake’s followers said that her appearance in the commercial reminded them of Ryan’s humor. “This ad has Ryan written all over it,” one said, and another joked: “You and Ryan are literally becoming the same person.”





Last month, Blake announced an expansion to her Betty Buzz line with a range of gourmet sparkling cocktails dubbed Betty Booze. “BettyBooze at your service. These are recipes I’ve been making for loved ones for years. But I have 4 kids now. And I’m tired. So here they are. In a can. Enjoy. Responsibly. … Ish,” Blake posted on her Instagram Stories.



Revealing the flavors, which include Sparkling Tequila with Oak Smoked Lemonade, Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry, and Sparkling Tequila with Lime Shiso – Blake added: It’s really [expletive] delicious. One thing I don’t compromise on is flavor. And husband. OK that’s two things.”




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She also shared a photo of her presenting the drinks on a silver tray on her grid, alongside the caption: “Drinking isn’t my thing. But for [expletive] sake, flavor is. Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also a real time saver. Which is why I really did it.



Back in 2021, Blake spoke about why she decided to create the non-alcoholic line of mixers, Betty Buzz, telling “I don’t drink because I don’t like the effects of alcohol, but I like being social.”

The website for Betty Buzz states the same, saying: “Blake Lively founded Betty Buzz with a simple idea – that what we drink should be held to the same standards as what we eat.



“Our commitment to making beverages that are unequivocally real, uncomplicated and delicious means we take the time to source high quality ingredients so you can feel as good as each sip tastes.”

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