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Amidst the $20 Million Showdown, Jon Rahm and Jordan Spieth Go Head-to-Head in a Thrilling Albeit Wholesome Challenge

The 2023 FedEx playoffs are underway at the TPC Southwind and players are hoping to make a mark at the tournament which boasts a prize purse of $20 million. The top 50 of the cup rankings get to play at the next event, the BMW Championship and stay in the run for the FedEx Cup. But a lot more was at stake for pro golfers Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm as they took part in a challenge amidst the event.



Both the players showcased their friendly rivalry of sorts as they took to a miniature golf course set up in the most peculiar of places. The golf world was left with much awe and surprise as the duo made sure to compete for a good cause leaving their fans much touched.

Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm engage in the FedEx Ultimate Skills Challenge
The duo took part in a heartwarming gesture as they were roped in to compete with each other in a wholesome challenge of sorts. Spieth and Rahm teamed up with a patient from St. Jude each as they went head-to-head in a series of trials. And they did not duke it out on the course but in a plane hangar in the midst of many aircraft.



The first challenge had them chip in balls to a net just like the board for a bulls-eye game. Rahm competed first in the task as he holed in nine out of the ten shots he played. Spieth followed by scoring six out of ten shots with four going past the target net leaving Rahm to be the winner of the first trial.

The second task was called ‘A game of FedEx’ where for each shot they make, their teammate would put up a letter of the word ‘FEDEX’ onto the board. The golfer duo was asked to score in a variety of holes including the net and artificial green mats that they put up inside the hangar. Spieth went ahead and won the second task as the Spaniard could only manage to put the first letter up on the board.



The final trial had the four of them look for a golf ball in a bunch of cardboard boxes kept about in the building. The golfers would then have to chip it into the net and consecutively putt it in the hole to win the third task. In a close call of sorts, the American golfer and his teammate, Olivia went ahead to win the third task and hence the game.

The friendly competition did not include just bragging rights for the winner but also a donation of $50,000 in their name from FedEx to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the spirit of the competition and its celebration, the same amount was donated in the Spanish golfer’s name as well leaving both content and happy.

PGA Tour Pro and their interaction with the kids at St. Jude

The heartwarming gesture by the championship proved to be noble in nature as the money would go to a hospital where children are treated for diseases like leukemia and other kinds of cancers. Many players took time out of their busy schedules to interact with the children and engage in meaningful conversations. Max Homa, Victor Hovland, and Jason Day are but some of the golfers who mingled with the kinds and interacted with them.



Day was seen with a patient named Alana who asked him about his favorite places to stay while Hovland spent his time with Reynaldo as he explained the difference between American and Norwegian food to the boy. Homa was seen to be very enthusiastic in his interaction with 11-year-old Mabry as he gave the little girl his club to try out after listening to her speak about her interests and hobbies.

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