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British Tennis Beauty Emma Raducanu Opens Up About Her Multi-Faceted Bag of Talent as She Shares a Nostalgic Memory With Father

Emma Raducanu, a rising star in the tennis world with a lot of hope attached to her from her fans, recently opened up about a little-known part of her life: her love of golf. In an exclusive interview with HSBC Sports, Raducanu recalled her early days when her father introduced her to golf as part of his activities.



While she may not be a pro golfer, her genuine passion for the game shines through, providing a unique insight into the multifaceted nature of this amazing athlete’s life.
Emma Raducanu from early tee times to the tennis court

Raducanu’s golf journey was a little different. She said, “When I was young, my dad took me to golf lessons as part of the many activities I was doing. One was golf. I didn’t spend too much time on it, so please don’t judge me. He would take a few lessons at the driving range, and I would go along, just like tennis.” Her early experiences in both sports gave him a strong perspective.



While her golfing experiences have mostly been at the driving range, she’s had a few enjoyable outings playing mini golf. Raducanu shared, “I’ve played mini golf maybe 3 times in my life. Once was in Florida, it was really cool, there were alligators on the course.”

This fun story shows her adventurous side, even when she’s not on the tennis court. However, she’s modest about her mini-golf skills, saying, “Usually I’m in the middle of the pack, depends on whom I’m playing with.”



She has opened up about her love for golf in the past as well.

Emma Raducanu on exploring the similarities between tennis and golf
Despite not having gone out for a full round of golf, she’s spent time at the driving range, honing her skills. The connection between tennis and golf is not lost on Raducanu: “I think that being a tennis player, the swing is actually quite similar in a way. So with the longer shots, it’s, I think, quick to pick up if you put your time into it.”

Raducanu’s love for golf isn’t just confined to her words. She’s shared photos and videos of her golfing endeavors in the past, giving her fans a glimpse into this lesser-known aspect of her life.

While tennis is her main focus and has brought her tremendous success, it’s really nice to see Raducanu’s genuine enthusiasm for golf. It reminds us that athletes, like everyone else, have different interests that make up their unique stories.

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