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Months After George Russell Caught GF in Daniel Ricciardo Act, the Trio Meet Yet Again With a Special Guest

Over the years, F1 has had numerous bromances. Carlos Sainz-Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo-Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo-Lando Norris – to name a few. Out of these, Ricciardo seems to be a personality that gets along with almost everybody. However, his relationship with George Russell almost took a dark turn when the latter caught his girlfriend checking out the Honey Badger’s clothing. Almost a year after that incident, the trio has coincidentally crossed paths again.



The backstory dates back to Ricciardo’s McLaren days, when professionally, things were messy for him. But on the personal side of things, his clothing brand, Enchante, was doing well. So well that Russell caught his girlfriend, Carmen Mundt, in 4K Ultra HD, checking out the clothing line. He immediately clicked a photo of that occurrence and sent it to Ricciardo, captioning it – “Mate, what’s going on?” But the sweet guy that he is, Ricciardo sent over outfits that Mundt fancied, for free.



One of the T-shirts that he sent over fit the Mercedes driver very well. They had some good back-and-forth on Instagram, joking about the situation. As they say–All’s well, that ends well. To build on that happy ending, the universe has given the trio a fresh fortuitous chance. Now, let’s fast-forward to the 2023 F1 summer break for the rest of the story.

The F1 summer break is on and the drivers are partying in full force. Russell too is traveling countries with Mundt and their latest stop was at the 2023 Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium. DJ Martin Garrix specially invited the couple to dance away on a roistering night. And guess who they met at the 17th edition of Tomorrowland–Daniel Ricciardo and his girlfriend, Heidi Berger. The Briton posted a photo of the quadruple on Instagram. He captioned it: “Crazy who you bump into on holiday! Thanks for the invite @martingarrix.🔥”.



Turns out, the Honey Badger was on Garrix’s invite list as well. Moreover, this is their 2nd meeting in the last week.

Daniel Ricciardo parties in the rain with Martin Garrix in Ibiza
It is turning out to be a dream F1 season for Ricciardo. He’s made his comeback into F1 with a driver’s seat in AlphaTauri and no sooner has he done that than has the summer break come with its relief from racing pressure. And to dive deeper into the feeling of lounging, Martin Garrix, along with Tiesto, invited Ricciardo to rave it up in Ibiza.

Ibiza is the party island of the world. And if you have two of the best music producers/DJs with you, the thrill will be unmatched. Garrix posted a photo of the trio in a beach-side restaurant after a full day of partying in the rain. He captioned it: “CRAZY day in Ibiza!! thanks for partying in the rain ❤️ @ushuaiaibiza”

The Honey Badger is having the time of his life. Professionally and personally, things are looking up and there is nowhere to go but up.

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