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Paige Spiranac reveals new career venture and offers fans incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with grand prize

Paige Spiranac has offered fans a massive prize as part of her latest career venture.The golf influencer appeared on Kay Adams’ show Friday after recent rumors the pair might play golf together.

Paige Spiranac revealed her new career venture on Kay Adams’ showCredit: UP AND ADAMS
Paige was a guest on Up and Adams after rumors the pair could link upCredit: UP AND ADAMS

Spiranac, 30, was asked about a number of subjects from taking on Kay at golf to criticism of the way she dresses.She also promoted a new career venture she’s working on and offering free beer for life.



Paige is hosting a putting competition in Chicago on August 16 in a collaboration with a beer company.Twenty people will have a chance to play with Spiranac and compete in an elimination tournament.Spiranac explained: “On Fourth of July I was drinking a beer and I loved it and they approached me.

“They asked about doing a putting competition where one person would get free beer for a lifetime. I was 100 per cent in.”She later clarified that the winner of the tournament would earn a year’s supply of free beer.But that person would also then have a chance to turn it into a lifetime’s supply if they made a long putt.



Spiranac appeared on Adams’ show Friday two days after saying she was “so down” to play golf with the sports host. Adams revealed: “The amount of men in my life who have hit me up in the last 48 hours who have hit me up like ‘Hey Kay, how are you? Haven’t talked to you in a while.'”I’m like ‘why are people coming out of the damn woodwork right now?’

“It’s because of you Paige. It’s because they’re seeing this headline of us golfing together.”The amount of men who have offered to caddie this golf thing is shocking. And I’m talking about some big names.”

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