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‘We Had Some Devastating Fires’ – Re-Living 6-Year-Old Horror, American Tennis Legend Jimmy Connors Issues Brave Message to the Victims of Hawaiian Tragedy

The island state of Hawaii has seen several disasters over the years. Recently, another tragedy struck the Western United States. Maui, an island in the Hawaiian state, suffered terrifying wildfires as the death toll from the disaster reached 67. Gripping from the clutches of this saddening state, evacuation efforts have been underway to minimize the damage done. As the news about this wildfire hit the internet, thousands of people poured in their support to help the affected, including several renowned names from the tennis world.



As various celebrities across the globe took to social media to raise awareness about this saddening tragedy, the American tennis legend, Jimmy Connors, also did his part. He reminisced about the difficulties he faced when he had to deal with a similar tragedy in the past.

Jimmy Connors remembers a past horror as tragedy strikes Hawaii
During the recent episode of the Advantage Connors podcast, Jimmy and Brett Connors got together to discuss the current happenings around the globe. In one of the segments on this talk show, they touched upon the Maui wildfires.



As the two opened up about this tragedy, Jimmy expressed sorrow about it. Talking about this, he said, “I look and I see the pictures of what they’re going through and you know, the little town and all the businesses and in the homes and you know, the people that live there and it’s devastating.”

Further, he went on to reveal a 6-year-old incident that shook him. Narrating that tragedy, he said, “Yeah, and I can also identify because I think it was five maybe six years ago now in Santa Barbara, Montecito area we had the same thing happened we had some devastating fires that came through.”



Connors wasn’t the only one from the sporting world to offer his condolences to those affected by the Maui wildfires. Stars like Lewis Hamilton and Dwayne Wade also expressed sorrow on this matter.

Sporting world comes together during tough times
Formula 1 star, Lewis Hamilton, took to Instagram to grieve about the saddening state in Hawaii. Posting a story on his official Instagram handle, he said, “I’m heartbroken over what’s happening to the people and nature in Hawaii. Please hold them in your thoughts and prayers and help if you can.”

Additionally, basketball icons Magic Johnson and Dwayne Wade also prayed for those affected by the wildfires. While rescue efforts are underway, the world will hope that the damage is minimized and the island of Maui gets back to its feet soon.

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