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Who Is Jordan Spieth’s Wife? All You Want To Know About the Power Couple

Jordan Spieth has a very impressive golfing portfolio. He charmed his way through his amateur career with ease and won numerous events. And after turning pro in 2012, the Texas-born golfer has amassed a total of 19 tournament victories in a decade. Besides the PGA Tour, Spieth has played on the European Tour, and PGA Tour of Australasia and has also showcased his impressive golfing skills by winning there as well.



Spieth can proudly boast of winning three major championships while being in his 20s only. On the PGA Tour, he continues to win important events. But all of this is not a single-handed job. Besides family and friends, there is a constant person in Spieth’s life who has been with him through his good and bad days. When Spieth went through a long drought of no wins from 2017 to 2021, this person was by his side being his rock through his down phase. And this person is none other than his wife who is his childhood love and a long-time partner.



Meet Jordan Spieth’s high school sweetheart and wife, Annie Verret

Jordan Spieth married his high school sweetheart and long-term girlfriend, Annie Verret. Verret went to Ursuline Academy, Dallas, which was not far from Jesuit College Preparatory School, where Spieth went. Later, Verret went to Texas Tech University and there she graduated in Business.

Verret has interned as an event coordinator with First Tee Greater Dallas, which uses golf for empowering kids and teens. The organization is supported by the PGA Tour, The Masters, and the PGA of America. She was also an intern for the American Heart Association. After that, in 2017, she started working for ‘The Birthday Party Project’, an NGO which hosts birthday parties for homeless children in different states of America.



Spieth proposed to Verret in December 2017. It was a private affair and the couple didn’t share the news directly. But Golf Digest shared a picture of them on their Instagram page in which Verret was holding her hand in front of her face with her engagement ring visible. One year later, they got married in November 2018 which was also a very hushed and private ceremony. Spieth chooses to maintain a low-profile private life and so does his wife. After the marriage, Annie took Spieth’s last name. The couple went through their first pregnancy quietly maintaining the same privacy. It was only after his child was born that Spieth made the announcement on Instagram and also declared that they had named their son, Sammy.

Jordan wrote in the post “Sammy Spieth born 11/14 💙Mama and baby doing great! Feeling blessed!”

Annie Spieth’s support for Jordan through his tough phase
Verret regularly attends her husband’s matches providing emotional support to him. One of the reasons behind Spieth’s success has been the incredible support of Verret. Jordan faced a difficult time after winning the Open Championship in 2017 when he wasn’t able to score a win in the next four years until 2021; a drought that he ended at the Valero Texas Open.

Speaking about the amazing support from his wife during this period, Spieth has said. “She’s just been that person that said, ‘Whatever you need to do, I’m here to support you, let me know how I can help, let me know when too much is too much, let me know when it’s not enough.’ She’s been really unbelievable”.

For Spieth, the important relationships in his life come above golf. Although he loves his job his love for his family and Annie comes above it. During a 2017 press conference he said “My faith and then my family, and then after that, you know, this is what I love to do. Golf is not No. 1 in my life. And I’ll have a family of my own someday and that will be — golf will be fourth. So as of now, you know, my relationships I have with my best friends and my family and my girlfriend are second and golf’s third.”

It shows that Spieth was prepared for a healthy relationship long before he was married.

The long-term courtship of the couple followed by their marriage and now blossoming family has set up relationship goals for all.

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