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Fans go wild as Kay Adams and Paige Spiranac set for golf battle

Social media and sports now have an intrinsic relationship, with many in the athletic world taking to the online world in order to build their own brand and personal wealth.

Few have done this better than Kay Adams and Paige Spiranac, with both taking full advantage of their staggering physical beauty and natural charisma which makes them likeable.



Spiranac is a golf influencer who has gained a following in the millions through her sensual pictures showing off her incredible figure, whilst Kay Adams is a sports media personality.

Spiranac was a guest on ‘Up & Adams’ to be interviewed by Adams, and their competitive nature came out during the recording.

Adams posed a challenge to Spiranac which came in the form of a head-to-head battle with the former San Diego State golfer in putt-putt.



“I didn’t really mean it when I said that because I’m just not a golf gal. I need you to get me into it,” Adams declared.

“Part of me thinks maybe putt-putt, some sort of windmill situation, I’m hitting it into a clown’s mouth and then we take some tequila shots.

“Does that sound good to you, Paige?”



Challenge was met positively by Spiranac
It appeared as though Adams was speaking exactly the right language to grab Spiranac’s interest, and her response was clear.

“100 percent on the tequila shots, but it’s really funny because everyone believes if you’re good at golf, you’ll be good at putt-putt, but it’s actually the direct opposite,” Spiranac replied.



“I’m a horrendous putt-putt player, but I can crush it on the golf course.

“So, I actually think it’d be a good match between us.”

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