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Huge Disappointment Hunts Down Lexi Thompson and Her Special Someone Hours After Losing Out the $1.5M Payout

The second major championship of the 2023 season on the LPGA Tour has finally been concluded. It was an event filled with thrill, excitement, and most importantly uncertainties.

What was so uncertain about the event? Well, many big names that looked good for a nice finish couldn’t even make the cut. There was also a fan-favorite golfer who did make the cut but sadly could not win: Lexi Thompson.



After losing on the $1.5 million payday at Baltusrol, she is finally headed home but not before facing a lot of troubles.

Lexi Thompson faces a devastating disappointment
Thompson’s game at Baltusrol started a bit slow but she made a solid comeback and returned stronger during round 2. Her valor and her fierceness helped the golfer to make the cut. But her vigorous efforts did not help her to win the second major title of her career.



One thing that all the golfers are excited about after any major tournament is to go home and celebrate their success with their loved ones, or share their plight and disappointment of losing with their friends and family.

After 4 days of great golf, one tends to long for their home, so any hindrance in reaching there is never a good feeling.



Recently, Thompson was in a similar state. She shared on her Instagram story with fans that her plans to reach ‘home’ in Florida have been severely affected. Three fights to her home destination were canceled and she finally decided to take matters into her own hands.

After facing the cancelation of flights, she decided to drive to Florida, and the journey would take her a whopping 16.5 hours to reach.



The lone major winner sure appeared to be annoyed at the circumstances, but she was not alone on this road trip. She was accompanied by someone really special; her havapoo dog Leo to accompany her. He also appeared to be sad and devastated in the picture shared by the golfer.

Just like everybody else, the 28-year-old loves her dog and is immensely grateful to have him. It seems that Leo never leaves her side, whether she is competing 16.5 hours away or just relaxing at home.



Leo likes to stay by Thompson’s side
It seems that after going through a lot of hardships, Thompson decided to get Leo to help her and the good boy has done his job pretty well. Pets usually don’t like to leave their owner’s side, and Leo is no different.

He likes to spend his time with Thompson and cuddle her after a lazy day at home. She often posts pictures with Leo on her Instagram feed and shares their time together. She even once mentioned that her dog and her cat help to keep her grounded after a long day of practice.

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