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Paige Spiranac posts photo after fight with ‘psycho’ roommate

Paige Spiranac has opened up about being punched by her roommate while in college, posting a gruesome photo to prove her story.

The professional golfer and media star lifted the lid on the story during the latest episode of her popular podcast ‘Playing A Round’.

The 27-year-old was talking about boxing and fighting when she was reminded of the incident.



“We’ll loosely use that term fight because I did not participate in it, I just got completely destroyed by one punch,” she said.

Spiranac said she went to pick up her roommate after a night of drinking, and it all went downhill from there.

“I get her in the car and she was totally fine. We drive back, and all of a sudden, we park right in front of our house … and she like passed out, I have to get her from the car, up a small flight of stairs, into her room and change her,” Spiranac said.



“All the sudden I come back out and I go to lift her up, and she just sprints straight into her room and shuts the door. And again, she’s blacked out, she has no idea what’s going on.”

Fearing for her roommate, Spiranac said she started banging on the door but inadvertently alarmed the other girl.

“I’m like, ‘Open the door, open the door,’ and she thought I was one of her ex-boyfriends, and so she opens the door and decks me as hard as she possibly could,” Spiranac said.



“I woke up the next day with a massive black eye.”

Paige Spiranac ‘not the fighting type’
Spiranac said her roommate had no recollection of what happened the next day, saying her college professors were worried about her wellbeing.

“I had to go to practice and school the next day,” she said.



“They were really worried for me, they’re like, ‘Hey, do you need to talk to someone? Do you need to do anything?’ And I’m like, ‘No, thank you so much, but I just have a psycho roommate’.”

The golfer later took to social media to post a photo of her nasty shiner.

Spiranac said she’s “not the fighting type” and that was the only one she’s ever been involved in.





Paige Spiaranc’s podcast becomes huge hit
Spiranac’s podcast has become a hit among fans without any golf to watch during the coronavirus crisis.

She previously revealed a horrifying ordeal in which an explicit photo of her was shared online, as well as taking aim at the ‘elitist’ male culture in golf.

She also recently opened up about her many failed attempts to find love, saying men would ‘take advantage’ of her for golf tips.



“I would always open up a conversation with, ‘Hey I play golf’ and anything along those lines and I thought that it would work,” Spiranac said.

“Unfortunately, guys were using me for golf lessons, golf equipment and golf balls.”

The 27-year-old has taken some time away from professional golf to focus on a media career and her anti-bullying charity work.



She is an ambassador for Cybersmile – educating young people about the dangers of cyber-bullying.

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