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“Reminds Me of Arnold Palmer”: Jordan Spieth’s Simple Yet Wholesome Gesture Reiterates Why He Is America’s Sweetheart Golfer

Jordan Spieth is undoubtedly one of the most beloved golfers on the tour. He has been a fan favorite golfer for so long now because of his humble gestures on the course and the way he treats his fans. Spieth has never failed to give in to his fans’ requests and make them feel special on the course.



It is indeed true that he shares a special bond with them, and there have been many notable incidents in the past where Spieth has displayed the kind of idleness he has for his fans! Almost in every tournament he competes in, he makes it memorable, especially for the people who admire him! So, why would this time at the FedEx St. Jude Championship be any different?



Jordan Spieth yet again shows why he is America’s favorite golfer
At Quail Hollow this year, during his debut at the Well Fargo Championship, Spieth invited some kids into the greens who wanted to get his autograph and take a few pictures with him. The joy on the kids’ faces after their special moment was visible from the moon’s distance. A month after Quail Hollow, the 30-year-old yet again engaged with a kid in a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors at the Memorial Tournament and lost to him.



He indeed made another special memory, this time at TPC Southwind. Just like always, the three-time major champion went above and beyond for his fans. But this time, the fan he encountered was not a kid. A journalist with ActionNetworkQ was there to witness the incident and then share it with the world.



The golfer was walking back from the 16th hole after his tee shot. He pulled out a sandwich as he was walking alongside the rope, and a fan asked him if he was having a little snack in between the shots. The 2015 FedEx winner humbly replied yes and said that it was a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Spieth immediately asked the fan if he wanted half of it, and before the fan could reply, he gave half of his sandwich to the fan.

Spieth’s wholesome gesture quickly went viral and garnered a lot of attention and love on social media. After the golf community read about it, it was all just cheers and appreciation for the young PGA Tour pro.

Appreciation and cheers for Spieth
Golf fans and Spieth fans could not contain their kind words after they came across his kind gesture. Let us look at some of the comments that fans left about his wholesome gesture.

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