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Riley Keough on How She Nearly K*lled Andrew Garfield on a Film Set

Daisy Jones and the Six actor Riley Keough has opened up about a mishap on a film set which almost sent Andrew Garfield into anaphylactic shock.Back in 2018, Andrew and Riley starred in indie comedy Under The Lake, which sees a mysterious woman (played by Riley) vanish into thin air, leading a disillusioned man (played by Andrew) on a surreal journey to find out the truth about what happened.



Ahead of their character’s first kissing scene, Riley was in hair and makeup eating a granola bar when the makeup artist asked her if the snack contained peanuts. When she said yes, Riley says they “ran away and got a producer who was a friend of mine.”

The pair in 2017Donato Sardella – Getty Images

Riley continued to Vanity Fair, “It was actually very stressful. The producer came in and was like, ‘Riley, Andrew’s very allergic to peanuts and we have to shut the set down. And they shouldn’t have been at craft [catering], and I don’t know why they’re on set.’”She said, “I was just kind of like, ‘Oh fuck, that’s crazy.’ But also thank God that this woman caught it, because I had no idea.”



Back in 2011, Andrew opened up about going into anaphylactic shock while on set for film Never Let Me Go. He told Marie Claire at the time, “When we were filming in Norfolk, I went to dinner with Carey [Mulligan] and Keira [Knightley] one night. There I was sitting in-between these beautiful girls, when I started having an allergic reaction to something in my food.”

Karwai Tang – Getty Images

“I had to spend the rest of that night in hospital. Alex Garland (screenwriter) took me. I’m used to it, because I’ve been in hospital a few times with this, but Carey was beside herself and Keira was terrified. It was just the most awkward moment ever, to go into anaphylactic shock at dinner.”

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