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With Men’s Golf Merging, LPGA Icons Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson Voiced Their Strong Sentiments on Women’s LIV Golf Tour Months Ago

The PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf have joined forces in an unprecedented move that has shocked the golfing community, signaling a pivotal point in the history of the sport. The press statement that Jay Manohan released shocked the golfing community and caused a lot of discussion and excitement among enthusiasts.



In a ground-breaking gesture that has enthralled the golfing community, famous LPGA luminaries Lexi Thompson and Nelly Korda, expressed their unwavering sentiments on the possibility of formation of a Women’s LIV Golf Tour months before the circuits merged. The relevance of gender equality and representation in the world of professional golf was highlighted by these golfing icons’ passionate remarks.

Possible women’s LIV Golf Tour and its pioneers: Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson
Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV, was asked about the likelihood of women participating in LIV Golf during an interview with the Palm Beach Post in July, 2022.



Insinuating that there may soon be a chance for women to join LIV Golf, Norman disclosed that internal conversations were occurring among the authorities. The question of whether the athletes will accept and support this new pathway for women’s participation in the sport is raised by this development.

Nelly Korda, the victorious champion of the Aramco Team Series tournament, exemplified a remarkable level of transparency when it came to her intentions, as evident in her statement few months back. She firmly asserted that she was not one to be preoccupied with mere speculations.



According to a report, Nelly Korda said, “My eyes are set on the LPGA. That’s all speculation to me. I’m focusing on the LPGA Tour and what’s in front of me.”

Instead, her unwavering focus remains dedicated to the world of the LPGA Tour. In light of this, any rumors or discussions concerning women’s golf serve as a mere distraction from her primary goals and aspirations.



The outstanding golfer Lexi Thompson, who made history by being the U.S. Women’s Open’s youngest qualifier, has offered her opinion on the subject. She makes it clear that the LIV golf project is out of their hands, meaning that it is not within their purview of influence. Although there have been conversations about LIV golf, no official material has yet been released.



Thompson expressed her opinion by saying, “I know Mollie said that she would have conversations but that’s not in our control. We are just doing what we can on our tour.”

As a result, Thompson maintains a laser-like focus on her activities within the LPGA, directing her efforts towards maximizing her chances and successes there.



Despite the concerns and unknowns, some supporters remain hopeful that the merger will enhance the sport. They anticipate benefits including heightened competition, improved prize purses, and more opportunities for competitors to showcase their skills on a global stage. But the prevailing sentiment among fans appears to be a need for open dialogue, honesty, and a more player-centric approach moving ahead.



As golf fans await more information and explanations, the spotlight now shifts to the parties involved in the transaction. The golfing community is anxious to learn more about the implications of the merger and anticipates enhanced transparency moving forward because there may be significant changes in store.

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