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‘Your PR Team Slacking’: Golf Fans Triggered After Tiger Woods’ Unreal ‘Lefty’ Video Goes Viral

Although the golf world is full of players who play golf with their right hand. But there are also some notable names as well who are left-handed and use that hand only to make shots.But the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, is not one of them. However in a recent mishap when a major golf brand shared a clip of Woods and some other players playing with left hands, it invited a flurry of backlash who accused them of misrepresentation.



TaylorMade shares clips of wrong players to celebrate a special day
Today is International left-handers day and although their quantity is very less in the golf world, the PGA Tour has about five percent of members who play with their left hand. Out of this percentage, only four players have won major championships and they are – Bob Charles, Mike Weir, Phil Mickelson, and Bubba Watson.



While Phil Mickelson is famously known as Lefty, he is a right-handed person. The reason he uses his left hand is because of his father. As a young child, he saw his father trying to be a “mirror-image” of his right-hand swinging. Mickelson later went on to win events thanks to the use of his left hand.

But, when golf equipment brand TaylorMade shared a video to mark this day, it turned out to be a big blunder for them. In the Instagram post made by TaylorMade, they wished everyone a happy left-handers day and included clips of Tiger Woods, Nelly Korda, Rory McIlroy, and five others, all of whom are right-handed golfers. All of these players are sponsored by the brand.

This promotional attempt of TaylorMade backfired as people were quick to point out that there was not a single clip of an actual left-handed golfer which would have been ten times better rather than using famous names who may have played with left hand once in a lifetime.

Fans call out TaylorMade for unjust representation
Fans quickly proved that they can’t be easily fooled with weak promotional strategies and rebuked the brand for not using an actual left-handed golfer clip.

One criticized the brand for not including lefty players,“No actual lefties in this vid? Your PR team slacking rn”
Another fan trolled them,“Happy national wrong handed day”
One pondered, “Are there any actually lefties in these clips?”
One person supposed this could be a right-handed clip reversed, “Wouldn’t even be surprised if these weren’t reversed images.”
TaylorMade invited the trolls with their wrong step,“You only relevant as a lefty if they are signed to you yeah?”

The fan had a good suggestion,“What about Robert Macintyre… he’s actually lefty and team taylormade”
And this fan made another wise suggestion, “I love Taylormade but as a real lefty it would have been best if you also put a pic or vid of a real lefty!”
Some left-handed players in the golf world are Brian Harman, Greg Chalmers, Sam Adams, Akshay Bhatia, Bob Charles, Nick O’hern, to name a few. Using any of their clips would have worked out for TaylorMade.

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