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64YO John McEnroe Proves That Age Is Just a Number as the Tennis Legend Comes Up With Silky Smooth Pickleball Skills

Pickleball continues to gain popularity in America with every passing day. It’s much more accessible and physically relaxing for an average individual when compared to tennis. Several former tennis legends have also bought into the Pickleball hype. Among those legends, a certain John McEnroe stands tall as he has expressed his love for the newest form of racket sport on multiple occasions.



The American legend has been promoting the sport through his interviews for quite some time now. However, this time he went one step further and promoted the game like never before. McEnroe stepped on the court and showcased some fine skills to mesmerize the audience.

John McEnroe has still got it.
The seven-time major champion was known for his volleys. He had one of the best forecourt games the game has ever seen. Usually, the reflexes take a toll with age, and reflexes are extremely important for the forecourt game. However, McEnroe has still got the reflexes of a cat, as the recent social media trending video suggests.



McEnroe took the court for a doubles Pickleball encounter. He was competing against professionals of the sport. However, the 64-year-old defied age and stunned them all with his skills. He was quick with his volleys and completely out skilled the opponent with his forecourt game. The crowd went berserk as they got to witness the legend turn back the clock.

Despite promoting and often stepping up for a game of Pickleball, McEnroe is not quite a fan of the game. He has shown his contempt towards the sport previously.

When McEnroe showed contempt towards Pickleball
Earlier this year, McEnroe had agreed upon a virtual interview. Pickleball, being one of the most trending topics in America, was a part of the discussion as well. However, the former World N0. 1’s take on the sport was baffling, especially considering how much time he spent on these courts. He minced no words in showing his dislike towards the sport, and said that tennis would always be superior.

However, at the same time, he admitted to stepping on the Pickleball courts often. The reason behind it was that Pickleball requires much less physical energy and keeps the doors open for the older generation to pick up a racket.

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