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I like being sexy and play it up on social media – it’s my body and I can choose what to wear on golf course

PAIGE Spiranac has defiantly claimed she can wear what she wants to wear while playing golf.

The 30-year-old social media star has added she feels at her most confident when she’s dressed sexy.

Spiranac is the queen of golf influencers with 3.8million followers on Instagram and she delights them with her content.

She has become known for wearing golf in daring and revealing outfits which don’t always fit in with golf dress codes.



Paige appeared on Kay Adams’ show this week and was asked about her outfit choices as well as her image online.

And she declared: “It’s just how I feel best. I’ve always dressed this way. I like being sexy – it’s when I’m most confident.

“There are definitely times I play it up on social media.



“It’s my body, it’s my choice and I can choose what I want to wear.

“You can still respect and uphold the tradition of the game – it doesn’t have to be all about your wardrobe.

“I’m just trying to share my personal story and be authentic to myself.”

Spiranac took up golf having been a gymnast in her earlier years.



She explained: “When I switched to golf I was comfortable being in leotards.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy a ‘golf approprtate’ wardrobe so I’d wear leggings and tank tops from my closet.

“That’s how I learned to play golf on public courses where there wasn’t a strict dress code.

“When I started posting on social media I never had an idea of going viral.

“I was just showing my swing but because I wearing clothes that weren’t golf appropriate people lost their minds.

“I think people are scared to get into golf because it can be quite unwelcoming.”

Paige recently claimed she plays better the less clothes she wears.



She tweeted after a recent round: “I want it on record that I wore a golf appropriate outfit today and it didn’t help my score.

“I shoot lower the less I wear. It’s science.”

Fans agreed with her thinking, with one writing: “Won’t argue with that logic.”

Paige appeared on the Up and Adams show after recent rumors the pair could play golf together.



The golf star claimed she would be “so down” for it and Adams laid down a challenge live on her show.

Adams said: “Part of me thinks some putt-putt, some sort of windmill situation.

“I’m hitting it into a clown’s mouth and we take some tequila shots.”

But Spiranac replied: “100 per cent on the tequila shots.

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