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Paige Spiranac’s ‘Mommy Know’s Best’ Anti-traditionalist Advice Reignites as FedEx Cup Fans Witness an ‘Abysmal’ Display

Some days earlier, golf beauty Paige Spiranac assumed the role of a torchbearer of what seemed like an important conversation to have. Amid intense heat in Memphis during the FedEx Cup St. Jude Championship, she asked the PGA Tour an important question: why can’t golfers wear shorts?



The conversation arose during Saturday’s round 3 when an Instagram video of Jordan Spieth went viral. He was wiping his face with a cold, dripping towel to beat the heat. Spiranac reshared the post, suggesting the player to wear shorts. And a more recent incident also proved why her advice is worth a thought.

Paige Spiranac might just be right about the sweaty play
Recently, the first event of the FedEx Cup playoffs, the St. Jude Championship, kicked in and saw tough competition. But the players evidently struggled with the heat in Memphis, as did Lucas Glover, who rose as the shining star and won the title. This is his second consecutive win after the Wyndham Championship last week.



However, more than his scores, his attire is making the noise. Why? By the end of the event on Sunday, the sweat seemed to stick with him like a design threaded into one’s clothing. Breezy Golf’s official Instagram handle posted a thread of two images with Lucas Glover at the center of both.

In the first one, people can see him standing and facing the other side, while the sweat reveals his body’s contours and the intensity of heat at TPC Southwind. And in the second one, a close-up of his pants from the front might indicate that the players are dripping sweat like water. The caption of the post is hilarious and disturbing at the same time. “Never let your friends wear khaki during swamp ass season.”




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Paige Spiranac has done things based on her own will, and fans applaud her for that. The choices do not hinder her from voicing opinions to help others as well. And the recent images are reasons enough why weather-friendly attire can be chosen for the players. After all, the best conditions will benefit a golfer’s highest caliber.

Fans approve of golf mommy’s advice
As per 2019 PGA Tour appearance guidelines, golfers can wear shorts on the greens during practice. But the four rounds of the competitions strictly require them to wear full-length pants. The idea is that the golfers should present themselves in a neat and clean fashion.



But Spiranac’s call for change is a constructive step towards the well-being of the players. Fans have their own thoughts to add to it as well. One of them straight up questioned human development in one sentence. They wrote, “We put a man on the moon but we still don’t have sweatproof golf pants.”

Another one agreed with Paige as well. “We need shorts allowed on the tour. This man is perspiring head to toe.” And it seems pretty valid to question the absurdity of the whole situation. “Let PGA tour players wear shorts!!! It’s ridiculous.”



Another called the situation abysmal. “Just an abysmal look for the brand.” And it is only human to understand that too much heat can be harmful to one’s body. “He should have had someone in his corner with a quick change. That’s brutal. You know his nuts are scorched.”

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