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Tennis Boss Drops Bombshell: Halep Could Face Sanctions Even If Proven Innocent

Simona has small chances of participating at the US Open, per the FRT boss.

Asked whether he thinks Simona Halep has any chance of getting the green light for playing at the upcoming US Open, Romanian Tennis Federation’s president George Cosac answered negatively, claiming that the ITIA doesn’t want to staiun their reputation or to give Halep money for prejudice.”If you ask me, no.



If she is innocent, she can claim damages of millions of euros, while she did not play. And if she were clean, they would sanction her because they would lose their whole image. They will give her a minimum suspension to cover the situation they created,” George Cosac told PRO TV.Halep is getting ready for her comeback
Recently, Simona Halep posted a video showing her training hard in the gym.



The video followed her highly mediatized appearance on US Open’s entry list with the mention that she’s provisionally suspended.All in all, if Halep is sanctioned, she won’t be surprised since she knew that the ITIA done everything possible to harm her career.

“Once again, tonight, I am devastated.The ITF (ITIA) has once again, for the third time postponed my hearing one month later! I am waiting to be judged since last October. In December, I have finally been able, thanks to experts, to show that the lot of the supplement I was using had been contaminated, which caused the positive control.I have asked, as the rules of the anti-doping state it, for a quick hearing: this is my right, it is written in the rules!



Unfortunately, the ITF (ITIA) has postponed my hearing three times. Denying me the right to be judged by an Independent Tribunal.- Not allowing me to participate into any tournament for 8 months. Now I know that I will have missed the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.Not to mention that I will have lost all my points and my ranking.



Not only they are killing my reputation, but also me as a professional player, and I don’t even talk about the consequences on my mental health.This disrespect of the rules by the ITF (ITIA) regarding the fast hearing I am entitled to have, is so disrespectful to me that I have no more words,” Halep said in a statement.

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