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Venus Williams jokes with the new outfit: “I’m showing up to the rest of my matches!”

Venus Williams did not lose heart after the Canadian Open 2023, but she was the protagonist of a very intriguing photo shoot.Through her social media, she shared new photos from a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar US.The American tennis legend joked to her followers, saying she’d like to use the outfit for her next matches: “How I’m showing up to the rest of my matches!”Below you can admire Venus’ outfit:




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Venus on the Sjögren’s syndrome
After missing the US Open Series entirely due to a viral illness, Venus Williams entered the 2011 US Open as world No.

36. In the first round she beat Serbian Vesna Dolonc, but the US legewnd then withdrew from playing the second match of the tournament.The cause of that gesture was the diagnosis of a rheumatic autoimmune disease, which takes away her energy, tiring her and causing pain in her joints: the Sjögren’s syndrome.Venus Williams has revealed the best ways to deal with the problem and to live her best life possible.She did it a few hours ago in a Q&A session on her YouTube profile.She said, in response to a user’s question: “If your eyes are so dry, you can’t function.



Or your mouth is so dry that, I don’t even want to mention the consequences. I hope you’re getting the care you need, find out what medicines work for you. Make sure you get enough sleep, find out what your limit is. If you push past your limit, you can start to crash.



You can still achieve the same things but you are going to have to do it in a way that you can sustain.”She further added: “You can still achieve the same things, but you’re going to have to do it in a way that you can sustain.”

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