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‘Doesnt Require Any Skill’- Years After Soaring Heights in Tennis, Andy Murray Joins the New Age Stars in Taking a Dig at America’s Fastest Growing Sport

In a playful twist at the Canadian Open, four of ATP’s most formidable tennis stars found themselves in a curious conversation about a ‘sport’ that has been making waves: Pickleball. The candid exchange, part of the “Guess the Google” game, shed light on the intriguing relationship between these two racquet-wielding worlds.

The candid responses provided an intriguing glimpse into how these tennis titans perceive the emerging racquet sport. The verdict? Let’s just say it was a mixed bag, with a pinch of rivalry and a dash of fun bullying.



ATP stars’ take on Pickleball
The first to serve his thoughts was the indomitable Andy Murray, who served up an honest slice of his opinion and said, “I’m not a massive fan of it to be honest.” His remarks certainly set the tone for what was to come. Next up, Andrey Rublev, who highlighted a possible root of the rivalry, said, “Because it’s just a new sport that is already on the top of the search.” It seems the rapid ascent of Pickleball hasn’t escaped the notice of the tennis elite.

Cameron Norrie, a rising star, delivered a statement that echoed with simplicity: “For me, it doesn’t require any skill.” A concise observation highlights a distinction that perhaps warrants further exploration: does Pickleball demand a different skill set than tennis?



Lastly, Casper Ruud, in a metaphor that was as eloquent as his backhand, compared Pickleball to a “baby brother of Tennis,” drawing parallels with the natural instinct to “pick on your baby brother.” Ruud stated, “Kind of feels like Pickleball is the baby brother of Tennis. So, you know, you always pick on your baby brother, don’t you?”

While Tennis stars clearly don’t love the concept of Pickleball, what are the stark differences between Pickleball and Tennis, other than the obvious ones?



Pickleball’s place in the tennis universe
This discussion comes at a time when Pickleball’s popularity is soaring, with many tennis enthusiasts crossing over to the new game. The parallels between the two sports are evident, making the transition intriguing for many. It’s a unique intersection of sports, where Pickleball is gaining ground but also facing critical appraisal from those who’ve mastered the tennis court.



How much is Pickleball actually different from Tennis? In Pickleball, the net is your ally. Unlike tennis, where baseline rallies often prevail, 90% of Pickleball points are won at the net. Learn the delicate art of dinking – a shot foreign to tennis but crucial in Pickleball finesse. The drop shot is another vital weapon, aiding your journey from baseline to net. Remember, no aces in Pickleball; the objective is to get that ball deep. When your opponents hang back, keep them there; lobs invite them to the net, a strategy best avoided.



As the world of racquet sports evolves, and Pickleball continues to grow, these unfiltered opinions from tennis stars offer a captivating snapshot of how the sport is perceived by those who’ve spent their lives perfecting the art of the tennis swing.

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