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Hours After Lewis Hamilton’s New Mercedes Deal, Helmut Marko Issues Shocking Max Verstappen’s F1 Future Claim

Max Verstappen signed a 5-year contract extension with Red Bull last year that will see him continue at the Milton Keynes stable until the end of 2028. However, past that, his future is unknown. Now, Helmut Marko has issued a shocking statement about Max Verstappen’s F1 future just hours after Lewis Hamilton’s new Mercedes deal. What did Helmut Marko say?

After months of uncertainty and speculations around Lewis Hamilton’s contract, concrete news about his Mercedes future came out recently. Lawrence Barretto suggested that Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton aren’t worried about the limited time left to finalize the contract and that the major details of the contract including the duration as well as the financial side have been agreed on.





Amid all this, Helmut Marko had made a shocking claim about Max Verstappen’s F1 future. Marko is certain that Max Verstappen will not have a career as long as Fernando Alonso has had. The Red Bull taskmaster advised that one day the Dutchman will be gone when he’s no longer having fun in F1. With all the obligations around F1, very little free time is left for Verstappen.

According to @redbulletin’s Tweet, Helmut Marko said “One day he will say ‘this is it’. When he is no longer having fun or the pressure is gone.



What we sometimes forget is that Max has to spend a day in the simulator before every race. He has already fewer marketing obligations, but there are still a few days left. He has to keep his fitness up to par. Relatively little time is left for free time.”

Max Verstappen has many times hinted towards an early retirement. The Dutchman even hinted towards an early retirement in a Mini TV series. Let’s see what Max Verstappen’s really said.



Max Verstappen on not liking other things around Formula 1
Earlier this year, Max Verstappen suggested that if F1 makes further changes to the Sprint race format then he will retire from F1. Furthermore, in Max Verstappen’s mini TV series, the Dutchman explained how he doesn’t like the other stuff around F1 as he continued to shoot for a marketing gig related to F1. Verstappen then advised that only a few more years of all this left which pointed towards early retirement.



According to Max Verstappen’s mini TV series, Max Verstappen said: “I love the driving bit, that’s what I do best.” He then added “I don’t like everything else around it. I just keep saying to myself…. a few more years”

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