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‘Nobody Ever Won..’- 20-Year-Old Fiery ATP Gun Reveals ‘Crazy’ Caroline Wozniacki Memory That Stirred up a Serious Tennis Dream Inside Him

In the domain of sports, the impact of champions frequently stretches out across the court, field, or arena. Holger Rune, the blazing 20-year-old ATP star, recently shared an interesting remark in an exclusive interview. A “crazy” memory of Caroline Wozniacki inspired the young gun. Wozniacki’s journey to World No. 1 title remains a permanent imprint on the tennis world as well as on Rune.



The memory of watching a certain Wozniacki victory on TV with his family was carved into Rune’s mind. As a 14-year-old, he watched her contend in high-profile competitions, glued in front of the screen with his loved ones. It is Wozniacki’s notable triumph at the Australian Open that still spurs the young gun on as he charts his own professional career.



20-Year-Old ATP star Holger Rune shared his admiration for his idol, Caroline Wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki’s impact on young tennis players stretches out boundaries and ages. Her journey from a young prodigy to a World No. 1 is a testament to her hard work, resilience, and determination. By the age of 20, she had held the renowned World No. 1 spot for a total of 71 weeks and established herself as one of the sport’s elite players. Her highest accomplishment came at the 2018 Australian Open, where she raised her hotly-anticipated first Grand Slam title.



At the hour of Wozniacki’s notable triumph, Rune was a 14-year-old overflowing with ambitions. He was powered by the conviction that he could also leave a critical imprint in the tennis world. In his interview with, Rune shared, “Nobody ever won a Grand Slam in singles in Denmark. So to see her do it was like, ‘Okay, maybe I can also do it one day.’” The win had made his belief stronger and more tangible. He added,” We were all watching. It was crazy to watch a Danish player win a Grand Slam in an incredible match, so it was a big inspiration.”



Quick forward to the present, and Rune’s journey has seen him ascend through the ranks. Recently, he managed to break into the top five of the Pepperstone ATP rankings.

Content with her celebrated career, Wozniacki retired in 2020 at 29 years old. Her retirement permitted her to embrace new jobs and encounters, including parenthood. Her kids added joy to her life during a three-year break from professional tennis.

However, the powerful appeal of the game pulled Wozniacki back onto the courts. At 33 years of age, she set out on an unforeseen comeback, driven by a craving to win on and off the court. Her legacy acts as a directing light for players young and old, her motivating story demonstrating the unfathomable and enduring attraction of tennis.



Rune had once discussed the impact of Wozniacki on tennis in a candid interview
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The Fan’s Perspective

In an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports in 2021, Rune shed light on his perspective. Rune clarified that his country does not have a substantial tennis tradition. But while highlighting the lack of a strong tennis culture in Denmark, he acknowledged Wozniacki’s immense influence.

Rune aims to build upon the foundation set by Wozniacki. He wishes to see substantial growth in tennis in Denmark. He also aims to honor the impact of the players who came before him. With his recent surge through the rankings, things seem to be looking up. Do you think Rune will be able to clinch a Grand Slam title soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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