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Kay Adams tells Paige Spiranac ‘big names’ want to caddy for her after she agreed to play a round with golf’s glamor girl: ‘It’s shocking and crazy’

Kay Adams says she has been blown away by the number of ‘big names’ who want to caddy for her after she agreed to a round of golf with Paige Spiranac.

Adams, an American sportscaster and TV personality, gave the green light to play golf with Spiranac after being told by a fan they would make a great match on the course.

She replied: ‘If she has the patience for me, why not’.
Spiranac welcomed the idea of a round with Adams, with the popular golf influencer responding to say that she was ‘so down’.



In light of the exchange, Adams invited Spiranac onto her FanDuel NFL show ‘Up & Adams’ last week, where they discussed their recent pledge to enjoy a game together.



And Adams told the glamorous golf star she has been inundated with some ‘shocking and crazy’ offers to caddy for her during the round with Spiranac – who has close to four million followers on Instagram.



She said: ‘The amount of men in my life in the past 48 hours who have hit me up to say, “hey Kay, I haven’t talked to you in a while. How are you doing?” I’m like, why are people coming out of the damn woodwork right now?

‘And it’s because of you, Paige, because they’re seeing this headline of us golfing together.

‘The amount of men who have volunteered to caddy this golf thing between you and I is shocking and crazy and I’m talking about some big names.’



Spiranac has spent over seven years in professional golf after debuting on the Cactus Tour at the Las Colinas club in Queen Creek, Arizona back in 2016.

That was where she claimed her only tour win to date after a sudden-death victory over Hannah O’Sullivan, the top-ranked amateur in the world at the time.

Despite agreeing to play golf with her, Adams feels she may have bitten off a little more than she could chew, with the 37-year-old instead proposing a mini-golf battle.



‘Part of me thinks maybe putt-putt, some sort of windmill situation, I’m hitting it into a clown’s mouth and then we take some tequila shots,’ she said on Up & Adams.

‘Does that sound good to you, Paige?’

Spiranac replied: ‘100 percent on the tequila shots, but it’s really funny because everyone believes if you’re good at golf, you’ll be good at putt-putt, but it’s actually the direct opposite.

‘I’m a horrendous putt-putt player, but I can crush it on the golf course. So I actually think it’d be a good match between us.’

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