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Lucas Glover’s anti-sweat trick doesn’t solve Paige Spiranac’s trouser-hating problem

Lucas Glover certainly generated plenty of headlines as he sweated his way to victory at the FedEx St. Jude Championship over the weekend.

The 43-year-old has now won two straight PGA Tour events – Sunday’s FedEx St. Just and last week’s Wyndham, bringing home a total of just under $4 million in eight days.

However, over the weekend he was one of several golfers feeling the heat in Memphis. In fact, Harris English’s caddie, Eric Larson, even had to receive medical treatment for heat stroke according to Golf Monthly.



Nevertheless, Glover persevered despite what Paige Spiranac called the “worst documented case of swamp a** that we have ever seen.”

Glover’s anti-sweat trick wouldn’t have helped
Glover revealed a life hack he used to try and keep himself from sweating, plunging his hands into ice water-filled coolers along the course.



“If you leave them in there as long as you can stand it and then wipe them off real quick, it closes your pores up for 10, 15 minutes,” he said. “It literally stops them from sweating for a little while.”

However, it’s unlikely that hack would have helped him with his backside, as there’s no way he would have been allowed to stick it in a cooler.



Paige Spiranac’s solution
Instead, Spiranac’s suggestion may provide a better solution. The social media star posted a video on X in which she stated golfers should be allowed to wear shorts.

“The men on the PGA Tour should absolutely be able to wear shorts, and the rule needs to change right now,” Spiranac said Monday in a vided posted on X



“Lucas Glover won for the second week in a row in a hot and humid Memphis.

“The guys were absolutely dying. They were sticking their hands in the ice coolers to bring their body temperature down. It is 2023, get it together, give the guys an option to wear shorts.”

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