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‘On My List of A** Whoppings’- Audacious Kevin Hart’s Boastful Challenge Gets Pregnant Serena Williams Riled Up As She Issues a Fiery Response

The American tennis sister duo Venus and Serena Williams saw life as a task they had to conquer, and they did. They have never been intimidated by challenges, whether they are humorous ones posted on social media or ones made in person on the court, just like breaking various tennis records. They are constantly up for it! Recently, the American comedian Kevin Hart issued an open challenge to the Williams sisters to compete against him and his tennis talent on the court.



While he brazenly challenged one of the WTA’s most renowned duos, the 41-year-old American tennis star embraced the challenge and also responded strongly, even before facing him on the court. Take a look at the challenging teasing that the 44-year-old comedian and the youngest Williams sister are engaging in.

Serena Williams accepts Kevin Hart’s tennis challenge

Recently, the American comedian had a great time playing tennis with his family and played a quite competitive match against his own son. Looking into the way he managed to outclass his son with his amazing tennis talents, out of the blue he gave a challenge to Venus and Serena Williams, just to have a class against them on the tennis court.



Well, getting challenged and not accepting it is definitely not Serena. The 23-time Grand Slam champion took to her Instagram stories to share the challenge. Along with that, they gave a clear indication of accepting the challenge by sharing the strongest probability of the match. She wrote, “Poor @kevinhart4real going DOWNNNNN.”



In addition, she also shared her excitement about getting ready to face the 44-year-old comedian, and wrote, “Shots fired!!!” Nevertheless, the 41-year-old American tennis legend is currently ready to become a mother for the second time. Tennis fans who are excited about the challenge might have to hold on a little longer just to see one of the humorous but competitive challenges on the tennis court.

Subsequently, let’s take a look at what really bugged the American tennis legend: being so quick with her decision regarding accepting the challenge.



Kevin Hart fearlessly challenged the William sisters
The 44-year-old comedian recently took to his Instagram account to share a reel, in which he was enjoying his Sunday by playing tennis. Along with that, he captioned, “Kicking my sons a** on a regular….Had to give myself a little boost of @C4energy ….I think I’m about to go pro…. @serenawilliams & @venuswilliams are officially on my list of a** whoopings to give out.”




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While he was quite amazed by his own skills, he is ready to challenge one of the toughest competitors the WTA has ever seen. Now that only the seven-time Grand Slam champion is left who has not accepted the challenge yet, it will be amazing to hear Venus’ take on the challenge.

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