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Kay Adams, Paige Spiranac dish on DM requests: ‘Photos of my feet’

Kay Adams’ DMs sound tragic.
During the Friday installment of her FanDuel TV morning show, “Up & Adams,” Adams and golf influencer Paige Spirinac traded stories about what their messages look like on social media.

“I have this thing where I get a lot of dudes that want me to send them photos of my feet,” Adams, 37, said.

The former NFL Network personality has over one million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined.



“I get around 500 to a thousand messages per day, DMs, and most of them are really supportive or asking questions,” Spiranac said.

“Sometimes they’re like a very inappropriate picture that we never want to see unsolicited,” she added while pointing downward.

“It’s like the same five people, so you just start to know who they are by their name and they’ll always keep messaging you.”



Adams found that to be “wild” and said, “These people are like doing your taxes, they’re your accountants, your dentists.”



Spiranac previously played golf at the college and pro levels before pivoting to a career in social media.

She is now one of the top influencers in golf with 3.8 million followers on Instagram and 912,600 on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Spiranac appeared on “Up & Adams” just four days after she and Adams agreed to play golf together on social media.



Adams suggested the pair play Putt-Putt with postgame tequila shots, which had Spiranac thrilled.
“I didn’t really mean it when I said that because … I’m just not a golf gal,” Adams said. “I need you to get me into it.

“Maybe Putt-Putt — some sort of windmill situation, I’m hitting it into a clown’s mouth — and then we take some tequila shots.”

Spiranac, who admitted she doesn’t have a great history with Putt-Putt, was all for it.



“I am a horrendous Putt-Putt player, but I can kill it on the golf course so I think it actually would be a pretty good match between us,” she said.

Adams and Spiranac have yet to confirm a joint golf event.
Meanwhile, fans on X and “many men” in Adams’s life are “coming out of the damn woodwork” and pushing for it.

“The amount of men that have volunteered to caddie this golf thing between you and I is shocking — and I’m talking about some big names,” Adams said.

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