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Mere Days After Losing Her World No.1 Crown, Nelly Korda Teams Up With $164.69B Giants for a Special Challenge

A few days ago, the LPGA and LET wrapped up the last major tournament at Walton Health Old Course. The competition proved to be as enthralling as it promised, with Lilia Vu claiming the 2023 AIG Women’s Open title and becoming the World No. 1 for the first time, dethroning Nelly Korda.



While these updates have kept the golf audience on its toes, LPGA stars move on to their next ISPS World Invite event. However, Nelly Korda will not be a part of the event and hence has some time on her hands. Interestingly, this leisure time has allowed the golfer to only participate in an exciting game. This, for sure, is to create intrigue among Korda fans as she provides insight into her choices.



Nelly Korda divulges her favorite apparel from the billion-dollar company in a fun interview
Fans adore their favorite golfers. Hence, it is only natural for them to have curiosity about their likes, dislikes, and other intriguing facts. Divulging on similar lines, the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship winner bestowed upon her fans an apprehension of things and instances she is fond of.



This fun session transpired through a buoyant rapid-fire round between Nelly Korda and the $164.69 billion Nike company. The video of the same was uploaded by the franchise on their TikTok handle, which was further reshared by NellyLegion on Twitter.

On top of the list was the question about her favorite Nike shoes. The query was kind of obvious given the host of the game. However, Nelly Korda enthusiastically answered Air Force 1. This answer, arguably, was one of the most engaging questions of all time related to the golf pro.

The reason is that time and again, the world No. 2 has been witnessed sporting the Nike shoes before they have even been released. This has allowed golf enthusiasts to come up with speculation about the LPGA icon being an ardent shoe lover in general and Nike in particular. Now, it appears that their assumption might have some basis.



On one hand, the reply related to her preferred Nike shoes did seem appealing. But the enjoyable game was far from over. Following this acknowledgment, Korda revealed other details that she has a preference for. Let’s delve into the details of those!

Other intriguing choices of the younger Korda sister on and off the course
Following her favorite footwear reveal, Nelly Korda unveiled one of the most hypothesized answers. It was regarding a sport that the golfer would have played if not golf. The statement was “probably tennis,” which might have been postulated by many given the roots of the late LPGA winner.



Further, as the questions got more captivating, Korda said that she would prefer cake over ice cream. Moreover, if she had an unlimited supply of anything, it would be coffee beans. Additionally, she disclosed how her favorite hype song depends on her mood. However, any Weeknd music video will boost her.

While the questions related to her characteristic choices were enticing to her fanbase, the golf professional also opened up about her favorite on-course moments. One of them included my favorite career moment. This entailed a tie for winning a major and the Olympic gold medal.



Moreover, Korda detailed her go-to post-game meal. While most of the time it keeps changing, she divulged that last week it was sushi. “I like a bit of tuna crispy rice“, said the LPGA star. All these small details helped the fans get a personal understanding of their beloved American icon. What do you think of Nelly Korda’s interesting choices? Let us know in the comments below!

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