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‘More Money Than He Could Ever Spend in Five Lifetimes’– $100,000,000 Worth Andy Murray Given Realistic Verdict About His Future by American Tennis Icon

It is no secret that top players in sports earn a mind-boggling sum throughout their careers. Even lesser players end up making decent money. When talking about the earnings of the players who are often in the top 10, the discussion changes entirely. Andy Murray, a part of the big four at one time, is someone who has played with the best for most of his career. After all of his titles, he has won tens of millions in his career. Winning such a massive amount triggered James Blake to say that he has earned enough for five lifetimes.



Murray is not the only player who has earned massively due to his efforts in tennis. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are other ATP players who have won even more prize money. Novak Djokovic trumps even them. Regardless, Murray has also acquired enough prize money to never worry about finances.

Former American player on the financial status of Andy Murray
Saying that tennis players don’t earn enough would be saying that the moon doesn’t revolve around the Earth. Andy Murray has been in the top five for a long period in his career and has earned the prize money to prove it. After 46 titles, Murray has won over $64 million in prize money on the ATP Tour.



Adding sponsorships and endorsements to the prize money, Murray has amassed a net worth of $100 million. Earning such a mind-boggling amount now makes former American star James Blake say that he can now do whatever he wants. “He’s earned the right to do whatever he wants to do.”



Further, Blake lauded Murray for his play during his prime. He called him a great champion and said that he is one of the hardest workers in tennis. It may be noted that Murray has a metal implant in his hip. Additionally, Blake said that he now plays purely out of love because he has achieved more in tennis than several other players.

Blake said: “He probably has more money than he ever could spend in five lifetimes. He’s doing it because he loves the game so as long as he loves it, do what you love. You only have so long to do what you love and get paid for it and have fans while you’re doing it.”



James Blake on why Murray still plays
In an interview with Sky Sports, Blake said that Murray doesn’t have to play for glory anymore and can now play to enjoy the sport. “So if he wants to continue enjoying it, go as long as he can and then enjoy the rest of your life. Our life is long after tennis too, which a lot of people don’t realize when you’re in that bubble of the world of tennis“.



Blake is not incorrect when he talks about the finances of Andy Murray. The British player has earned a sum only a handful of people will even witness in their lives. His love for tennis still pushes him forward and we are sure to see him play for longer.

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