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‘She Is Seeing a Cr**p’ – Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf Once Narrated a Hilarious Story About the Beginning of Their Romance

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi are among the many tennis players who tied the knot and moved beyond a professional relationship. Apart from them, we also have Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina, as a tennis couple. Notably, Mirka and Roger Federer are also one of the power couples in tennis. However, no doubt, Agassi and Graf are the most successful tennis couple, in terms of total Grand Slam titles.



In an interview back in 2018, both Agassi and Graf talked about their relationship and how they met for the very first time.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf talked about meeting for the very first time
Former Indian tennis player, Vijay Amritraj, conducted the interview back in 2018 when Agassi and Graf talked about the beginning of their romantic relationship. Agassi said, “I was taken by Steffi back in the early 90s and futile efforts to get to meet her and talk to her then… I was trying before she knew I was trying. So, I was very ahead of the game.“



Then, Graf said, “Our first kind of longer meeting was when we did hit in Key Biscayne earlier in 99. Our coaches kind of set up the whole practice and I was like, ‘why does he want to practice with me? You know he was married and I’ve got a boyfriend’. It was all a little confusing to me. But after the practice, I found this beautiful bouquet of roses in my hotel room with a beautiful letter.“

Agassi quickly replied, “I am a hopeless romantic.“

“I have no idea that he’s going through a divorce and I was in a really longer relationship. I knew where that relationship was heading, but you know I’m seeing a married guy trying to send me roses. I’m like, ‘no, that’s not happening here’,” Graf further said.



Then, Agassi joked, “She is seeing a creep.“

“A few weeks later, I hear about the apparent divorce and I understand things a little clearer… I was fascinated absolutely and very interested quickly, attracted very quickly. Took us a few months, but then everything went really quick,” Graf concluded.

A heartbreak for Agassi at Wimbledon 1992
As seen in the video, Agassi already expressed he had a huge crush on Graf much earlier than their first date. During the 1992 Wimbledon, both Graf and Agassi won their respective titles. According to an old tradition, Agassi was very much looking forward to the dance with Graf at the champions’ dinner.



However, the authority at Wimbledon had to cancel the dance at the last minute. Later, Graf joked about it, as she talked about trying very hard to cancel the dance, which was heartbreaking for Agassi.

Then, Agassi married the actress Brooke Shields in 1997, and Graf started dating racing driver Michael Bartels, which ended in 1999.

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