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American Tennis Legend Chris Evert’s Greatness Celebrated as 5-Decade-Old Historic Record Comes to Light on Account of the 2023 US Open

Talk about the legends of tennis and you’ll definitely find Chris Evert on the list. The 68-year-old achieved tremendous success on the tennis court, winning 18 Grand Slam singles titles. Additionally, she also has 3 major doubles titles to her credit. Along with Martina Navratilova, her friend, and long-time rival, the two produced countless memorable moments on the tennis court. As a result, nearly 5 decades ago, Evert became the first woman to achieve an iconic feat.



Milestones have never been alien to the 68-year-old tennis legend. She enthralled tennis fans all across the globe. As her unique record completes 47 years, we remember the iconic feat ahead of the US Open. Chris Evert gets featured in Sports IllustraThe American tennis legend had a memorable 1976 season. She ended the year as the top-ranked player. Additionally, she also went on to win the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open. As a result, Sports Illustrated had a massive honor for Evert.



That year, Sports Illustrated decided to give the prestigious Sportsperson of the Year award to Evert. However, what was unique about that award was the fact that she received the award as the sole winner. It was the first time in history that this award was handed solely to a woman.

Further, that was a turning point for women athletes as far as that award was concerned. Evert winning the award paved the way for other female athletes to become the sole recipient of that award. Legendary stars like Serena Williams, Mary Decker, Megan Rapinoe, and the 1999 USWNT have since then won the award solely. The 2023 US Open is just weeks away and will commence on August 28. During the tournament, Evert is set to receive a massive honor.



USTA set to honor Evert
Evert has contributed not only on the court but also off the court too. She is currently serving as the chairperson of the USTA charity foundation. The American legend has contributed to setting up funds for the welfare of society. Additionally, she has enabled a scholarship fund that will help children in their overall development on and off the court.

As a token of appreciation for her efforts, the United States Tennis Association will honor Evert. She will receive the ‘Serving Up Dreams’ award at the 2023 US Open. The 68-year-old continues to prove to be a legend in the true sense and USTA’s honor is just a small appreciation of the massive difference she’s causing in society.

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