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‘Long distance isn’t easy” – Simone Biles gushes over husband Jonathan Owens amidst her gymnastics comeback

Gymnast Simone Biles, who recently made her comeback after a two-year break, continues to express her support for her husband, Jonathan Owens. A week ago, the NFL player appeared in his first match with his new team, Green Bay Packers, at the season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Showing her support, Biles flew to Wisconsin all the way from Houston to cheer for her husband.



Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens have been in a long-distance relationship ever since they got married on May 6 this year. Days after their wedding, the NFL player signed a new contract with Green Bay Packers and so, moved to Wisconsin, leaving his previous team, the Houston Texans. Although Biles and Owens had to compromise with the distance, they continue to visit each other frequently.

On August 12, in an exciting match between Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals, the Packers emerged as winners with a 36 – 19 score. As Simone Biles was present at the stadium, she turned into a cheerleader for Owens and also shared a kiss with him after he won the game with his team.




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Sharing this moment of affection, Biles took to her Instagram yesterday to express her pride for Jonathan Owens. The gymnast wrote,

“Long distance isn’t easy, but seeing you play your heart out is so worth it. I’m so proud of you baby.”

Simone Biles on her long-distance relationship with Jonathan Owens
It has been months since Biles and Owens began their long-distance relationship. Naturally, they have grown used to several situations that they face frequently. Recently, when she conducted a Q&A session on her Instagram, fans eagerly asked several questions about her long-distance relationship.



One of her fans asked, how often did the gymnast see the NFL player. To this, Biles replied that she saw Owens every day when he was with the Houston Texans. However, now that he has shifted to Wisconsin, they get lesser chances to meet.

Furthermore, she revealed that she will see him next during the pre-season games. She wrote on her story,

“It will be at 1 of the 3 pre season games but just quickly after… like 35 mins…We were just on the phone trying to figure out when I’ll see him next.”
With this added, her views on performing long-distance relationships,



“Long distance is tough & both being professional athletes is hard… for our schedules.”
Lastly, another fan asked Simone Biles, if Owens came to meet her during her training sessions. She replied,

“No. If he misses training he’ll either be cut or fined. NFL fines the boys for everything.”

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