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“Sorry Daniel “: Ex-Team Boss Regrets Impulsive Reaction as He Awaits Ricciardo’s “Fairytale” Ending

Daniel Ricciardo is having a banger of a 2023 season. He made it back to the team where he tasted glory for the first time in F1. While Red Bull couldn’t accommodate him, their sister concern team welcomed him with open arms. As he begins on his journey with AlphaTauri, a former F1 boss has apologized to Ricciardo for his defamatory comments.



On the latest episode of the Formula For Success podcast, Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard discussed a variety of topics. While talking about the wildest F1 afterparties that they have attended, the former Jordan boss impulsively said that the Honey badger “behaves badly” in such environments. But he immediately realized his mistake and tried to cover up for it by complementing the Australian racer and also spoke about his return to F1.



Jordan said, “Sorry, Daniel, I took your name out of context, and I shouldn’t, but you are a great party-goer, and we all love your smile. I’m glad to see you back in Formula 1.” Coulthard chimed in to add to Jordan’s point. He said, “Indeed, Daniel Ricciardo doing a great job on his comeback, and curious to know where his future will take him.”

Coulthard’s curiosity about Ricciardo’s future has got an answer from Red Bull‘s taskmaster. And it looks promising.



Helmut Marko lauds Daniel Ricciardo for uplifting AlphaTauri’s spirits.
From his first race onwards, the Honey Badger has brought a cheery spirit to AlphaTauri. His presence and experience are sparking healthy competition with his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda. And Helmut Marko has highlighted how his return is proving beneficial to the team.

“The change has had a very positive effect, in terms of mood and motivation in the AlphaTauri team,” Marko told Motorsport-Magazin. “While the gap of De Vries was on average three to five tenths, Ricciardo, if you adjust for all that, is significantly less, if not on par with Tsunoda.”

Marko even said that Ricciardo is a strong contender for the 2024 AlphaTauri seat. Thus, the fairytale has begun, but will it end as smoothly as it started?

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