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‘What’s in Store’: Justin Thomas’ Ryder Cup Dream Receives a Cryptic Reply From Zach Johnson

Currently, Justin Thomas‘ life is full of uncertainty. After he failed to qualify for the playoffs, his dream of playing at the prestigious Ryder Cup came to a crashing end. But days after his disappointment there might still be hope for him.



While Thomas is among the most notable names to join the team, Team USA Captain Zach Johnson has shared some big insights on what’s going on behind the scene with him. And he has also made some cryptic statements about Thomas’s chances of playing at the Cup in his recent interview.

Justin Thomas’ salvation for Ryder Cup in the form of Zach Johnson’s captain’s pick.
Zach Johnson is the man of the hour. His impending announcement of Captain’s pick has made him a hot topic of the town. And while media persons are trying their best to pick his brain, he continues to maintain a mysterious silence.



But Johnson has made a big revelation about the consideration of Justin Thomas in the Cup. Thomas is one of the strongest contenders from the PGA Tour for the European tournament and Zach is aware of what his presence might bring to the game.

In his recent appearance on the Sub Par podcast, Johnson gave an update on what is the situation with Thomas. “We’ve been communicating. I would hope that he understands, and he does. Open lines, we’re gonna keep the honesty train going, we’re gonna leave it all out there.”

According to Zach, Thomas is in consideration but nothing is finalized yet. “I told him I don’t know what’s in store, but he’s obviously still in consideration.” It looks like Thomas’ hopes are hanging by thread.

Johnson is impressed by Thomas’ Ryder Cup resume
Johnson further praised Thomas who has been a part of Team USA since 2017. He said that other players want to be around him and his achievements in the Ryder Cup are well-documented.



He added “His resume speaks for itself. But I also gotta look at all the other factors involved.” Thomas has played in two Ryder Cup teams once in 2018 and then in 2021. Like every year, this year also Thomas could have qualified for the playoffs earlier had his performance not deteriorated.

This year Thomas’ form on the green has suffered a lot. He performed streak slumped which he finally revived at the Wyndham Championship but it was too late by then. Will the Captain’s pick become his redemption?

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