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While Nelly Korda Gives Her 100%, Rose Zhang Takes It One Step Ahead as a Silent Battle Brews Between USA’s Prides

The LPGA Tour season concluded a couple of weeks earlier. And it might not surprise you that the golfers are already prepping for the next one. Especially the two Americans who are taking the golf world by storm. Nelly Korda just revealed her practice for the coming season yesterday, and Rose Zhang is making headlines with the same today.



One might think that one player influences the other. While Nelly Korda is the golf world’s darling, Rose Zhang has made her mark in the game and surprised everyone with her splendid form. In a concise period, she has managed to become a household name. So, it is natural that people are interested in her preparations for the next season as well.



Zhang is currently looking forward to creating her mark in the Solheim Cup. The idea of representing her country is utterly beautiful to the American golfer. She is a new identity that carries the potential to dominate the golfing world. And her recent Instagram story is further proof of her dedication.

Zhang reshared a story of her fitness trainer on her handle, where she can be seen working out, with her strong determination evident. Perhaps losing the AIG Women’s Open to Lilia Vu ignited Zhang’s desire to work on herself more.



The story reads, “Footwork day. Big toe pushing down to draw mid-foot up. It creates a tripod effect, which equals the greater glute recruitment. Board is trying to fall to outside the foot.” The board here refers to one under Zhang’s left foot, while her right is placed in a lunge-like position behind her.

Nelly Korda and Rose Zhang were strong in the race to win titles this LPGA season. While Zhang finished in the top ten in three consecutive tournaments, marking her solid presence on the golf course. Korda struggled with some health concerns and vied to prove her might on the ground.

It does not seem like a coincidence that the two players share their workout videos, but rather an announcement that they are preparing for the next game, one after the other. However, it reflects that both of them do not ponder on the past and swiftly look forward to the present.



How is Nelly Korda preparing?

Nelly Korda is one of the most loved golf players known for her heart-wrenching smile and can-do attitude. She has managed to win hearts with her game and assertive personality. And in the face of disappointment, she tends to focus on the positive side. Of course, she is the darling of the golf world.

Not only AIG Women’s Open, she also lost her World No.1 crown to Lilia Vu. But the few bad weeks did not discourage her. She took to Instagram and shared a video of her doing a plank. However, to stretch her muscles, she used cross-fitness equipment and conveyed that she always tries to keep the workout interesting.

Earlier, she also shared a video of her practicing golf strokes. She scored one swing after another, and fans must be delighted to see the golfer back in action. She has a winner’s mindset, and it shows. The former World No.1 does not dread the past. She is already improving her game.

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