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Hours After Former Masters Champion Saw His Dream End, Jordan Spieth Stands on the Precipice of Suffering a Soul-Crushing Fate

With the 2023 PGA Tour season nearing its end, the on-course action is thoroughly heated. Each player is putting forth his best efforts to register their name in the final FedEx Playoffs—the Tour Championship. Currently, the second event of these playoffs is eminently being dominated by English star Matt Fitzpatrick, and World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler.



Amidst these attention-grabbing displays of skills, many in the golf world are on the edge of their seats with speculations on who will be teeing next week. Hence, this has allowed a quite staggering yet concerning prediction regarding the 2015 Masters Tournament winner, Jordan Spieth, to come forth. With that, let’s delve into the details of this possible misfortune that might encounter Spieth!

A probable debacle that might hit Jordan Spieth post the BMW Championship
With the final round of the BMW Championship commencing soon, all eyes remain on the top 30 spots. Jordan Spieth, who looks to make it into his third consecutive TOUR Championship, right now holds the 31st spot in the FedEx points list, per NUCLR GOLF on Twitter (now X).



As the Top 30 players on the standings make it into the TOUR Championship next week, the game in Chicagoland is set to get even more serious. Spieth, this Sunday, remains focused on setting his score all right for the last round to register his name for the same.

The 2015 Tour Championship victor stays one birdie away from making it to the No.28 spot on the FedEx Cup, according to the PGA Tour website. Although, even a single bogey would bring him down to the 32nd spot. Not only his own performance, but even others like Denny McCarthy losing the plot, would allow Spieth to make a place in the Tour Championship.

All attention remains set on his tee time at 9:44 am local time on Sunday for the final results. Amidst the PGA Tour professional’s probable struggles ahead, Hideki Matsuyama grabs media attention with his adversity prior to the tournament.

With Spieth’s disheartening possibility, another PGA Tour Pro said goodbye to the 2023 Tour Championship

While uncertainty looms many professional golfers; one pro, in particular, already sealed his fate as he withdrew from the 2023 Tour Championship. It was none other than the first Japanese golfer to win the Masters Tournament, Hideki Matsuyama. He has been part of the Tour Championship for 10 consecutive seasons.



Sadly, his spell came to a disheartening end due to a sudden injury. Per the reports, it was on the second day of the 2023 BMW Championship before the tee time that Matsuyama heard a crack in his lower back on the right side.

The practice round turned out to be a nightmare for the 31-year-old as he had to not only withdraw from the Tour Championship but bid adieu to the ongoing BMW Championship as he was in extreme discomfort. With that, what do you think about Jordan Spieth’s chances of making it into the last FedEx payoffs? Let us know in the comments below.

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