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Tiger Woods and 14-Year-Old Son, Charlie, at Risk of Losing Their Crown to LIV Defector and Son, Courtesy of Their Heroics at $2M Race

We have witnessed the bonding and skills of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie on the golf course in a blend of experience and youthful energy. Even at the age of 14, Charlie’s golf skills are evident and applauded widely. If he continues at this rate, he could end up just as impressive as his dad in the world of golf.



But, there’s a fresh father-son duo making waves in the golf world: the LIV defector and his budding golfer son at an international event. It isn’t just about watching a golf match; it was about seeing a father and son share the same field, playing the game they both love.



Father-son duo takes the course together
The International Series golf event in England boasting a prize pool of $2M, got a special touch with Ian Poulter and his son Luke Poulter both playing a strong game together. Ian has made quite the name for himself in golf, especially from his Ryder Cup days and being a part of LIV Golf. But this tournament is special because he’s not just playing for himself, he’s watching his son Luke step up.

Luke is just 19 years old and is part of the University of Florida’s golf team. This is Luke’s debut in professional golf. There was a moment when it seemed Luke wouldn’t make the cut. But after hitting some really good shots with his dad cheering on the side, he finally made it through.



On Saturday, both father and son played hard. Ian finished with a score over par, while Luke did even better, finishing under par. Mike McAllister, the golf editor, shared an update on social media about the Poulter father-son team at the International Series in England. Ian Poulter, the experienced golfer, had scores of 69 and 70, putting him in a close race tied for 8th at three under par.

His son, Luke, didn’t have it easy with scores of 72 and 73, but he pulled through. On his last three holes, Luke managed an eagle, a birdie, and a par, getting him right on the cut line at three over. It’s clear both Poulter men brought their A-game to the event.

There were other father-son teams too, with the likes of Lee Westwood and his son Samuel. But Samuel didn’t manage to move to the next round. Lee did, but he had a tough day on Saturday. Davis Love III’s son, Dru, was also seen playing alongside his dad, but didn’t make it through.

Tiger Woods teamed up with his son Charlie at the PNC Championship at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Orlando, Grande Lakes in Florida in 2021. This was the first time Tiger played since his car accident in February. The father-son duo played really well, but ended up finishing second, with John Daly and his son taking home the win.



But, the Poulter duo seems to be catching everyone’s attention. Their skills on the green are evident, and the way they back each other is heartening. Winning and losing the game doesn’t matter, this duo gives inspiration to many father-son duos. Seeing a dad and son play together and root for each other is different from the usual tough golf matches. This game reminds us that sports go beyond just the scoreboard. It’s about the good times, the tough bits, and your family.

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