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After Sudden $1,000,000 Worth Drop Since Cardiac Arrest, $6,200,000 Bronny James Appears for a Dodgers Game With LeBron James and Co

Since signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has been a prominent figure in the city of Los Angeles. The 38-year-old has embraced the culture of the city, becoming one with the Angelenos. Naturally, when the Los Angeles Dodgers played a home game at the Dodger Stadium, The King had to show love for the team. The James Gang turned up to watch the action, just a month after their tragic incident.



Bronny James suffered a shocking cardiac arrest during a workout with the USC Trojans. The James Gang as well as the basketball world were taken aback by this news. However, James Jr. was declared stable soon enough, much to the relief of his family as well as his fans. This health scare also had some repercussions that led to a major drop in James’ valuation. However, this did not stop him from turning up to the Dodgers game with his family.



Bronny James went through a tragic incident in his life just a month ago. After going through a major cardiac arrest, the 18-year-old recovered fully healthy. However, it is natural to fear that this incident may repeat itself in the future. After going through such a devastating experience at a young age, James Jr. may not be in the best state of mind. However, he decided to blow off some steam by watching the Dodgers taken on the Miami Marlins at home.

LeBron James and his family turned up to watch the baseball action at the Dodger Stadium. While The Kid From Akron decided to show his love for the team by putting on some Dodgers gear, the James Gang turned up in casual wear. They watched the exciting action as the Dodgers bagged a 3-1 victory against the Marlins to impress the home crowd.



The James Gang witnessed an exciting encounter at the Dodger Stadium. However, their trauma still seems to have some repercussions on them. Bronny James may have recovered from the cardiac arrest but lost $1M in the process.

James Jr. deals with a major loss

Bronny James’ traumatic incident not only put him under danger but also his future as a basketball player.As the chances of this incident repeating itself cannot be written off completely, the uncertainty has led to a major drop in the 18-year-old’s worth.



Going into college, James Jr. had a whopping valuation of $7.2M. However, after his cardiac arrest, this valuation has witnessed a notable decline, now resting at $6.2M. His Draft credibility too, has been fluctuating ever since his cardiac arrest. The 18-year-old was seen as a late lottery pick in the 2024 NBA Draft according to mocks. His health issue unfortunately, has cast a doubt on his draft valuation as well.

Bronny James is one of the most promising athletes in the college basketball circuit currently. The 18-year-old has proved his worth as a draft pick with his phenomenal athleticism and shot-making. He took after his father, James but also put in his own distinct features into his game. Despite uncertainty looming large over his career, James would be keen on making a strong comeback.

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