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LPGA Phenom Lydia Ko Turns Showstopper at Steph Curry’s Pioneering Initiative for Underrepresented Golfers

NBA star Stephen Curry enjoys big popularity in golf too. He indulges in golf quite frequently. While the NBA icon has found his passion on the basketball court, his love for sports was re-ignited in the form of golf as he started his own league “The Underrated” last year.



The motive behind this establishment has been beyond the game, traversing the realms of humanitarian support. Many icons from different sports attend the event to provide encouragement to young golfers. Recently, these youngsters had a chance to meet LPGA legend Lydia Ko. The female golfer did not back down from showing support for this unorthodox golf tour!

Lydia Ko extends her support to Steph Curry’s pathbreaking golf initiative

Stephen Curry’s golf tour the Underrated has provided a platform of networking to the golfers. It not only helps them create connections in the sports world but also gives them a chance to meet college coaches and mentors. Further, the idea behind the new golf tour remained to “provide a positive, competitive, safe space environment for culturally diverse male and female junior golfers.”



While this is only the second year of the tour, the golf community has already witnessed four exceptional events. The last event started yesterday and will continue till Tuesday, August 22nd. It is the Curry Cup that is hosting a mix of exempted players and local qualifiers. With similarity to the previous tournaments, this event will also have clear boys and girls’ divisions — barring any age division though.



Looking at all the buzz around it, even professional golfers could not hold back from flocking to the same. This can be seen in the recent Instagram story of the tour’s page that featured the LPGA golf icon Lydia Ko. The first story highlighted the “special visit” of the Kiwi golfer, where she can be seen talking to some young golf players.

The young golf enthusiasts could be seen surrounding the 26-year-old star. Even the admin of the account commented, “Safe to say @lydsko stopped the show!” All the participants can be seen looking up at the professional golfer with sheer admiration.



Although the golfer had all the attention of the audience at the event, it surely was the cause behind the tour that led to Ko’s presence. The aim of giving the right opening to young talents directly inspired Ko. And she is surely not the first one to be attracted by this agenda of the events.

Not the first time for a sporting celeb to grace the greens at Curry’s Tour event
It so happened this summer during the Underrated Tour event at West Palm Beach that the golfers competing on the greens were paid a visit by a famous Nets icon. It was none other than the Tour founder’s brother — Seth Curry. Interestingly, not only did he show up at the tournament but he also played a quick round of golf.

This ended up with the younger of the Curry brothers winning a quick Par 3 challenge. The skill of the NBA player was so on point that the official Instagram account of Underrated Golf wrote, “Came, saw, conquered.”

Precisely, there was no other way to define how clean the stroke was. This even led to the older of two siblings commenting on the post. Steph Curry exclaimed, “That’s big time.” This showcased the awe the 35-year-old was experiencing seeing his brother in action.

However, the most important part was the support lent in the form of Seth Curry’s presence for this noble vision. This time, these sentiments were represented by Kiwi golfer Lydia Ko. With that, share your thoughts in the comments below about how you feel regarding Ko’s presence at the latest Underrated event.

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