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“What Being Around Lewis Does”: F1 Insider’s Eyebrow Raising New Look Credited to Hamilton’s Influence

16 years, 103 race wins, 104 pole positions, 195 podium finishes, and 7 championships, there is hardly anyone who comes close to this record by Lewis Hamilton. The Brit’s unwavering dominance over the sport in the last decade is awe-inspiring. Awe that Hamilton often inspires with actions on and off the track as well. Apart from Formula 1, one of the most talked about aspects of his life is his sense of fashion. Hamilton’s bold and self-expressive sense of fashion has a separate fanbase. As it turns out, we have a new member joining this vast club.



Hold on to your hats folks, or your designer shades, because Mercedes’s Mick Schumacher has become chic. The German deputizing behind the two Mercedes drivers has clearly taken some inspiration from one of them. After seeing the photo going viral on Twitter, it’s no surprise that Schumacher is taking after the fashionista Lewis Hamilton.





Hamilton is a hugely influential figure in the world of motorsport. However, he started doing his bit for his community as well with his charitable contributions. Now, as it turns out, Hamilton’s influence knows no bounds. The picture posted on Twitter showcases an unrecognizable Mick Schumacher. In fact, the caption perfectly summarizes what most of us are thinking. It reads, “What being around Lewis Hamilton does to a mf.”



There is clearly some influence from the Brit because we have never seen Mick Schumacher in this light. But it’s safe to say, and we speak for the fans as well, we would not mind seeing more of him.

Fans hail Lewis Hamilton for Mick Schumacher’s makeover
The Brit is clearly a positive influence on the young German even if it’s in the realm of fashion. The fans can’t help but thank Hamilton for this transformation.









Now, we are not saying Hamilton can take all the credit, but the fans and we will agree. Mick Schumacher’s new look is extraordinary and there is no denying that. Now let’s just hope this transfer of knowledge is not limited to just fashion as the young German bides his time before taking another shot at racing.

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