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Austin Butler’s Perfect Leather Jacket Will Make You Want a Perfect Leather Jacket

Now that he’s back to post-Elvis civilian life, Austin Butler’s got his famous-LA-dude uniform down: Adidas track pants and incognito hats, svelte Saint Laurent suits and polished-Americana workwear. But as we’ve gleaned, it’s hard to shake off the King entirely. Even when he’s simply wearing a classic motorcycle jacket, it’s tough not to imagine that the actor’s just a matching pair of black lambskin pants and two mutton chops away from breaking out into a recreation of the 1968 Comeback Special.

This week, Austin and his girlfriend Kaia Gerber grabbed dinner in Los Angeles at upscale Italian spot Funke. He took his favorite roughed-up black moto jacket out for a spin layering it over a ratty tee (repping the Long Beach hardcore band Das Klown, no less), black trousers, and black lace-up boots. And fortunately, he’s still leaving his hair a little messy.

Given his next project, Butler’s leathery ensemble feels opportunely timed. On Monday, 20th Century Studios released a first-look image from the upcoming Jeff Nichols movie The Bikeriders, in which a leather-jacket-clad Butler stars as a member of a 1960s Midwestern biker club. The film, as it turns out, could very well have been the impetus behind this particular jacket: “I just did this motorcycle film called The Bikeriders, and so I went out and found these great vintage motorcycle jackets,” Butler told GQ earlier this year. “I have this one Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket that I’ve been obsessed with.” A good second-hand leather jacket is hard to come by, and thank goodness our guy’s found one that works for him.

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