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“I’m Embarrassed For Him” Last-Ditch Effort to Salvage Justin Thomas’ Bid for American Pride Fails Miserably as Golf Community Presents Unassailable Evidence Online

The Ryder Cup is less than a month away. Hence, it’s now that time of the year when both teams battle it out on the course for their country’s glory. If Team USA wins this year, it will be their first win on foreign soil in over 30 years. It’s quite clear that the competition is intense, and the course is all set for a phenomenal week. The US team is now completely set, too, with the six captain’s picks also being announced. However, the choices are, of course, not free from controversies. And in the center of many of the fans’ and public’s displeasure sits one name: Justin Thomas!

Just like every Ryder Cup year, the selection of certain players has attracted major backlash from fans. as well as crucification on social media. One such player is Justin Thomas. Justin Thomas has never, in his career, failed to qualify for the Ryder Cup. However, this year he missed the cut at the Open Championship, followed by a horrible performance at the FedEx Championship, where he finished towards the bottom at 71st. Needless to say, he has been far from his best form. He missed the cut at the 3M Open but bounced back after a tied 12th at the Wyndham Championship. Despite these evident inconsistencies, Zach Johnson felt that Justin Thomas was “without question the heart and soul of the US team.”

Johnson’s remark could be due to his experience in the past two Ryder Cups and his good performance there. He has an excellent record at the international event too, 6-2-1. Perhaps this is what tipped the scale in the skipper’s opinion. However, this pick of his has not been sitting well with his fans!

Golf fans lash out at Zach Johnson’s decision
Needless to say, the golf world was not happy with Justin Thomas’s selection for the Ryder Cup. The backlash against it has been quite evident on platforms like Twitter.

Many fans criticized the decision, stating that past form does not guarantee good form in the future.

Others criticized the selection process altogether.

Many also dissed him by calling him a cheerleader and “not a player.”

Some criticized him for picking JT over DJ.

One golf fan blatantly stated that Justin Thomas is an embarrassment to him.

Hence, a lot of questions have come up since the captain’s picks were announced. The choice of picking certain players has been met with rejoicing amongst fans, but at the same time, going ahead with players like Justin Thomas has backfired on team captain Zach Johnson. Will Justin Thomas be able to prove his worth at the Ryder Cup?

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