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After Bombastic ‘Ego Clash’ Statement, Holger Rune’s Mother Affirms Serena Williams’ Ex-coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s Future with Her Son in a Brutal Revelation

Holger Rune, the Danish player is struggling to find his form at the moment. The US Open this year saw him face an unexpected first-round elimination. However, the defeat forced some questions on the coaching staff of Rune as they have been under some scrutiny in recent days. In a recent revelation, Holger Rune’s mother sheds light on who will be Rune’s coach going ahead. While speaking on the issue, she dismissed the rumors of Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams‘ former coach, carrying ahead as the head coach for her son.

As recent performances sparked debate about Rune’s coaching staff, his mother suggested that was it the ego clashes between the coaches that had impacted her son’s playing style. The tennis world was tentative as Holger Rune seemed set to bid farewell to his coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Rune’s mother, in a candid revelation, disclosed that the collaboration had fallen short of expectations. Consequently, it had prompted the young player to recalibrate his coaching strategy. She further emphasized the crucial juncture in Rune’s career, stressing the significance of finding a coaching team that would serve as a sturdy foundation for his long-term ambitions.

Tennis journalist Jose Morgado’s tweet reported the change. Rune’s mother cleared the air around her son’s future, saying, “It just didn’t work out. Right now it is important that Holger finds the right team, that he can have for a long time. He has decided that isn’t with Patrick.” The young Danish is resolutely committed to this strategic shift.

With Mouratoglou out of the equation, Rune is set to embark on a new journey with a fresh approach. The reintegration of Lars Christensen into a prime position on his coaching staff marks a significant stride in this transition. Respected within the tennis community, Christensen’s return adds another layer of experience to Rune’s support system.

Holger Rune’s mother recently also revealed that his coaches Patrick and Lars had had their ego issues in the past. This resulted in them taking a break from coaching him. While the two were present together at the Australian Open, Patrick’s absence at Wimbledon was glaring.

However, on the other hand, Patrick was present at the French Open while Lars remained absent during the clay season. Thus, over the last few months, the possible clash of egos resulted in Holger Rune’s declining performance. But now, as Rune sets out to shape a fresh chapter in his promising career, the departure from one coaching partnership becomes the prelude to another new and hopefully exciting era, ripe with possibilities.

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