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American Legend John McEnroe Gets Emotional as Sue Barker’s 2023 Wimbledon ‘Void’ Serves as a Bjorn Borg Reminder

The world of tennis has been graced with remarkable athletes, nail-biting matches, and unforgettable rivalries, but it is the off-court legends that often go unsung. For those who can’t be physically present at the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon, the magic of television brings the thrill of the matches right into their homes. Sue Barker, a legendary Wimbledon TV presenter for the BBC, has been a constant presence for tennis fans for a record number of years. Her professionalism, charisma, and knowledge of the sport have made her a beloved fixture in the world of tennis broadcasting. In a recent interview, John McEnroe sang praises for the legendary Sue Barker and even compared her to another renowned artist in the industry.

Since joining the BBC in 1993, Sue Barker has been a mainstay at Wimbledon, covering the prestigious tournament for an impressive number of years. In an interview with the Express, McEnroe expressed his appreciation for Barker’s contributions to the sport and her longevity in the world of tennis broadcasting.

He said, “Sue is a legend. You know, I mean she was incredible at what she did. So it’s going to be a void. She just makes it easier for everyone around her. And she’s done that for 25 years or something. So it’s a tough act to follow”. As the years go by and the faces of Wimbledon champions change, Sue Barker remains a constant and comforting presence for tennis fans worldwide. Her unwavering dedication to the sport and exceptional broadcasting skills have made her a legendary figure in the annals of Wimbledon history.

Sue Barker who is now 67 said goodbye to Wimbledon last year. John McEnroe mentioned that he has done his job as a commentator for a long time. And as long as he can remember, he has done it with Sue being the presenter on BBC. He said that when Sue won’t be here it will be a bummer. “It’s like when (Bjorn) Borg didn’t play. For us, it was a huge thing,” McEnroe said. The five-time Wimbledon champion Borg, who was McEnroe’s biggest adversary, never played another Grand Slam after the age of 25. And his absence at the All England Club was greatly felt by the tennis fraternity at large. He retired from tennis in 1981, with the US Open being the last major he ever played.

Mcenroe also added that like all things come to an end, so does Sue’s role as a presenter. But he hopes that she will come by and say hello to everyone.

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