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Moments After $127,000,000 Deal, Lewis Hamilton Demolishes Fans’ Queries With 2 Word Cryptic Message

The cat’s out of the bag and Lewis Hamilton is a Mercedes driver until 2025. The stalled and prolonged contract negotiations attracted a lot of drama and speculation. Every Mercedes member at some point came out to put out the fires and put all rumors to bed. However, until the Brackley outfit announced Hamilton’s extension there was no point in making any refuting any rumors. Although now, Hamilton from his secure standpoint is playing around with the fans. Soon after he penned down his mega $127 million deal, the Brit went on X (formally Twitter) to quash theories and send cryptic messages.



The Brit was perhaps in a jolly mood and decided to make small talk with his fans on X during the Italian GP weekend. When we say small talk, we literally mean small talk. Hamilton logged in and gave no more than two worded replies to some of the lucky fans’ questions. He first replied to his own old tweet saying, “Talk later” with “Talk now”. The fans started instantly replying to his tweet. User @MakeItVogue asked the most important question. They tweeted, “Lewis, urgent question – do you have any full outfit pics from the fit you wore today? We gotta see the whole thing!”



A more than accommodating Hamilton replied with a simple “always” with a picture of his outfit.

This was one of the few interactions between Hamilton and his stans. The last of those few was stating the obvious and Hamilton’s two-worded cryptic reply to the tweet left the fans in doubt.

User @seeinglando asked, “did you leave after answering 3 people” to which Hamilton replied, “not yet”. However, none of the fans after this tweet got replies from their champion.
Although Hamilton’s last reply tells us he will be back to make this small talk with his fans soon. Something, according to veteran Martin Brundle he did not want to do with the press as part of his new mega contract.

Hamilton’s contract extension quickly became the talk of the F1 town as the news hit social media. The stalled contract talks finally came to an end but it was mainly because of the fine print. According to Martin Brundle, apart from his powerful statement of intent, Hamilton would’ve fought to reduce his duties for the team. Not in terms of performance on the track but everything apart from that.He said, “He [Lewis Hamilton] would’ve been fighting like crazy to do almost no media and no marketing if he can get away with it. He just wants to drive the racing car of course. So, the power balance changes a little bit.”

We can assure you Hamilton will have to do a lot of marketing campaigns for the Mercedes brand, especially being the face of their F1 brand. Being a seven-time world champion and one of the biggest celebrities in the world, the $127 million contract would have detailed his media commitments. Even though Hamilton would’ve liked to get away with them, he definitely wasn’t able to. However, keeping his ultimate goal in mind, we are sure he can bear with this part of his life for a few more years.

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