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Months After Coming Off of a Concerning Injury, Nelly Korda Makes an Honest Confession About Her Game

LPGA Tour star Nelly Korda is coming off the most agonizing side of the sport, injuries. Even though golf seems serene, it demands both physical and mental strength from its players. Like many athletes in intense sports, golfers too faced their share of adversities. Back in May, Korda, the 2020 Olympic gold medalist, revealed concerning health news to her followers. In a recent interview, she discusses the challenges she faced and how she is coping with the game post-injury.



Nelly is currently playing at the Portland Classic in Oregon at the USA Columbia Edgewater Country Club. After her first round, she opened up about her recent performance and how she felt about the state of her game. She responded, “Yeah, it’s been an interesting time since my injury. You know, I came back — I played really well before it, and then when I came back it was very hard to get into the groove of things.” In her discussion about her journey post-injury, She further continued, “I came back to pretty much four majors in a row, so definitely tough golf courses, firm golf courses where it’s kind of hard to get your confidence back.” Navigating such demanding courses immediately after a break was indicative of her determination and passion for the game.



Speaking about her challenges, she further added, “But one step at a time I think.” She said, showing her focus on making steady progress. “I’m pushing in the right direction.” This shows her patient approach and passion for the sport. She had announced her withdrawal from the Mizuho Americas Open in May due to her injury, explaining, “I have made the decision to withdraw from the next week’s tournament at the advice of my medical team to address pain in my back.” Such news is always a blow to the sports community, especially when it concerns top players like Korda. As the Solheim Cup approaches, all eyes are on the preparations of the players. When asked about strategies in light of team captain Stacy Lewis’ recent discussions, Korda shared her perspective, “No, not really. I’m just really focusing on this week, and once I get to that week I’ll focus on that week.”



Look Like Your American Star: All About Nelly Korda and Her Solheim Cup Squad’s Outfit for 2023. She further added, “Just trying to take it one round at [a] time, play some consistent golf, and hopefully I can take that into Spain.” Despite the setbacks, Korda has always remained optimistic. The essence of sports lies in the balance of showcasing one’s skill while also prioritizing health. However, after being benched due to lower back pain earlier, Korda has regained her form just in time for the upcoming Solheim Cup against Europe, which is set to take place in Spain from 18-24 September.

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